Saturday, 26 February 2011

It's a dogs life

My poochies, aka "the devils of destruction" update:

I've probably said it before but I have cleaned up after them for the
LAAAAST time!!!  Finally got around to cleaning up the lento / annex area from their last bed destruction episode WEEEEEEEKs ago and replaced with a new, hopefully, non-destructable bed (MetBed). While cleaning up I had to take a picture of one of their Kongs - something you stuff with treats and it has a little hole in it so they have to knock it about to get the treats out of them ........

The culprits!!!!!!

Hard to believe they are the same age, Billy is SO much bigger than Bella (although his is sitting a little forwards here).

Now they sleep zzzzzzz

Hope your weekend is not as involved in cleaning as mine is turning into!



  1. Oh wow! That kong is destroyed! Makes Roxie look very delicate haha and she has destroyed chew toys in a matter of minutes! Are they bull mastiffs... sorry if that's totally wrong btw, I love dogs but I'm not v good at recognising the breeds!

  2. Haha, they look like butter wouldn't melt in those pictures! I'm not really a dog person, but they are very good looking :-)

  3. @Laura, yes they are bullmastiffs, slobbering & loveable :-)
    @Alison, it must be said, there are many times I'v thought we should actually have bought cats, or more chickens!!

  4. rather you than me girl! but think of all the free exercise you must get in walking them :p


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