Thursday, 17 February 2011

I promise .... I only had the ONE!

In my efforts to be so good with food for February in a drive to get my wedding rings back on I have been cruising the internet for food porn ;-)  and one thing that grabbed my attention was this ........
Now thats what I call a CUPCAKE :-) ..... I may actually buy one of these moulds for the kids birthday cakes.

On the schedule for exercise today was Body Pump, I worked hard and it was goooooooood :-)  I feel like I'm having a good week with both exercise and food - gotta love it when a plan comes together ;-)

Exercise Summary: 
Monday: Bootcamp
YES; C25K Week 4 day 1 (pm)
C25K Week 4 day 2
Wednesday: Bootcamp 
Thursday: Body pump 
Friday: Bootcamp (am); C25K Week 4 day 3 (pm)
Saturday: Body pump REST DAY
Combat & swimming with Jake

My Food Day in Pictures:
Breakfast 1: black & green bean omelette - I had to splash Lea & Perrins to make it half decent though :-( 

Breakfast 2: Self explanatory (off the shelf in Sainsburys)
The resultant MILK TASH ;-)

Steamed long stem broccoli, green & borlotti beans and pork loin

Salad leaves, tomato, chicken, black beans & a great big dollop of guacamole

Spinach, black-eye beans griddled chicken and half an avo 

Now here's something you wouldn't believe looking through my past few days menu ....... I didn't eat beans up until a few years ago, green beans yes - tinned beans I wouldn't touch with a 10foot barge pole! Never say never ;-)

What do you eat now that you wouldn't a few years ago?


  1. I never used to like any pulses- not even baked beans! But now I have lots- kidney, black eye, cannelini- and things like lentils and chickpeas.

  2. Nice looking scram. I even like the look of the omlette though would probably have to season very well or incorporate a hint of cheese. Love Lea & Perrins though - whether in tomato juice, stews or (memories of Christmas day breakfast in my childhood) drenching a fry up!

    Not sure about the cupcake though. When I wor nobbut a lad (sometime in the 1930s according to the missus) we didn't have cupcakes but we did have homemade buns - far smaller and containing either currants, chocolate chips or a smidgen of icing. Certainly no buttercream overkill. Yeuch, and I quite like buttercream in a sponge cake.

    A few years ago I wouldn't touch fish. A hint of bone, skin or (my personal nightmare) a scale or two could have me heaving and even the smell made me feel queasy. Despite that I've always eaten shellfish. I still couldn't eat anything with bones in but we do now have fish each Friday (Youngs basa - an ideal beginners fish) that I enjoy.

  3. Cauliflower! And fake cheese ;)

    I'm so glad it's coming together for you this week. Just goes to show that everyone has blips at some point, but more often than not sees themselves come back with renewed energy and determination.

    And I love the cupcake mould!

  4. you'd be bouncing off the walls if you tucked into that cake! :p

    I now have fish most weeks, something I would never have touched years ago - specially salmon as it's well over the RC 4% rule of thumb for fat content. Duh....

    Beans are something I'm still flirting with, I have started to have chickpeas quite regularly (although I mash them up. Need to try harder :)


  5. Yum to the cupcake!! I want one :)

    Mussels (I ate one in Bruges and thats my lot)
    Cottage cheese

  6. Yummy looking cupcake - I always look in the windows of patiseries. I don't think I'd actually enjoy most of the things if I tried them, but I love looking.
    The main change in my diet is nuts - I eat nuts or nut better most day now - I wouldn't have touched them up until about a year ago.


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)