Monday, 21 February 2011

Goal Review

Just wanted to do a quick recap of my February goals to quality control/check progress.

February Specific Goals:
1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!  This means loosing about 3 more kilograms - My Big Feb Challenge!
2. Try to do a pull-up & then try to do 1 unassisted - start working on this using a chair as support
3. Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011.  Start working on this; aim for February is to be doing full stance press on the down and if need be drop to knees for the up movement.
4. EAT CLEAN for me: Step away from processed foods, wheat, yeast, dairy & sugar, until the end of February - reassess at the end of the month but idea is to take this through into March as well
5. Step outside of my comfort zone - attend a Zumba class

February Goal REVIEW:
1. Still working on it but 1.6kgs down over the past 2 weeks :-)
2. Not tried this yet
3. Still doing full push ups for
 Body Pump; also started to do full push ups at bootcamp when they are called for (this morning I managed 1st set all full but 2nd & third degenerated to knees down on the up and then all knees down) - point is I'm DOING IT :-)
4. Eating Clean - this is going very well with the slow carb diet from The 4 Hour Body - cheat day being the exception but its working
5. Yesterday I stepped outside my comfort zone and did a Body Combat class and I totally

We went out to mates who run a pub in Albury today for lunch and we were in a bit of a quandary on what to eat to stay within the slow carb boundaries;  we got there and ordered 2 diet cokes, not strictly allowed but better than what was put in front of us ....... a beer and a glass of wine!!!!!!!!!!  Now I don't ordinarily drink anyway as I was driving but was VERY proud of hubby who said "dude, really, no booze I can't drink that" and we proceeded to sip out DCs and didn't even pick at chips or anything.  In fact I had the burger with nothing and a side salad & veg, Craig had steak with side salad & veg ....... I really should have taken a picture, my burger arrived on a little plate and looked soooooo lost heeheehee

Well thats it form me for today, short and sweet I know - and totally pictureless.



  1. Glad I'm not the only one doing the slow carb diet. I guess I'll see how it's going for me when I weigh myself on Wednesday.

    As soon as I saw the boots I bought, I was in love. When I realized they fit perfectly, I was SOLD.

  2. Yay well done for sticking to your goals (eg having diet coke, full pushups etc)- glad you tried (and loved) the new class too :)

  3. Wow well done! Sticking to the slow carb diet would be very hard for me (I love greek yogurt and oats).

  4. Well done on your goals so far :-)
    I continue to be impressed by that you're doing full push-ups at all - it's a mere pipe dream for me!

  5. Good on you and hubby for sticking it out at the pub. And high five on the pushups. You're right -- the point is, you're doing them!! They'll add up slowly :-)


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