Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 4 of Meals in Pictures

.... doesn't sound quite right does it, "Day 4 of Meals in Pictures", "My Meals in pictures - Day 4", "An Album of Meals - Day 4" - AGH, they all sound wrong!!!!

But anyways the just-of-it-is that I have managed to capture every single thing edible that has passed my lips over the past 4 days and dang I have been good - no blips or falls.  What I will say is thank goodness I am taking tomorrow off being good - and NO, I will not be photographing what I eat as it will possibly make me ill to review ;-)

So without further ado, I present todays offerings :-)

 Breakfast 1: Leftover spinach & black-eyed beans with scrambled eggs
 Breakfast 2: Post Bootcamp was another of these shakes

Lunch: Leftover Cajun chicken with more lentils & salad
 This was going to be my afternoon snack but I just had the nuts to bide my time then after a quick run-around with the kids I made chicken, lentil & green bean salad tossed with a tsp of olive oil
 Dinner: Pan fried pork fillet .... not the WHOLE fillet you understand ;-), with crushed peas & lentils with thyme

MOVIE SNACK for me it was the small bowl in the front .... it just looks big because of the picture angle - PROMISE!

There .... its done and I've gotten accountability under the belt (for this week anyway ha-ha-ha!).  I won't continue with this ode to food as it will be pretty much the same for the next few weeks and I would hate to drive you all away thinking I've gone food-nuts, so a breakdown as you may have gathered will be:
6 days a week 4 to 5 meals of chicken/turkey/lean pork with vegetables & beans of some description, with the occasional protein shake thrown in ....... and then, on the seventh day I shall rest.

I had a great bootcamp secession, it was boxing again.  It may sound odd but I love the loose structure of bootcamp (Monday=core & strength; Wednesday=full body resistance & cardio; Friday=boxing) but there is constant variety in the circuits they get us to do each week.  It never gets boring and it certainly never gets easy!!!!

Thats a wrap for me for the week, I may pop in over the weekend and next week may be unpredictable as the kids are on half term - YEIKS hope I can survive.



  1. Ok, I'm intrigued. What on earth are crushed peas (aside from the obvious?)

  2. Haha, that first sentence reminds me of my PhD writing process!

    Out of interest, why the obsession with green beans, do you know? I'm more familiar with a broccoli / cauliflower emphasis..

    Nice going though! And g'wan, I think you should photograph your treat day too. It'll make interesting viewing! :-)

  3. Thinking of titles drives me mad some days!
    Good luck in half term :)

  4. yep, definitely pics of the treat day please! :p

  5. Sounds like a good balance to me ... the occassional treat days are definitely necessary.
    The pork, peas and lentil meal looks delicious!


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