Sunday, 27 February 2011


...... and my title today goes to a "word verification" thingie I had to type in to be able post a comment on some else's blog that tickled my fancy, saved me coming up with a snappy title ;-)

Saturdays Food Porn List:

Breakfast: pancakes with syrup, blueberries, strawberries & bananas ..... I basically ate the fruit and then proceeded to snack the whole day
- a slice of white toast with cashew nut butter
- an orange
- another slice of white toast with cashew nut butter
- a 5 pack of Nairns dark chocolate oatcakes
- a slice & a 1/2 (from the bottom) of homemade chocolate cake
- a McVities Gold chocolate biscuit bar
- bowl of Kettle crisps
- homemade pizza's

Chocolate cake (from a bag) that mini-me#1 & I made today

I basically craved fruit on my pig out day, strawberries specifically & the ones with breakfast didn't let me down.
After some thinking and reading I have a bit of an amendment/addition to the coming weeks schedule of exercise.

Next week-The Exercise Proposal:

Saturday: Rest day = check
Sunday: Body Pump = check
Monday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp

** Wake up routine:
20 two legged hip raisers; 15 kneeling single arm superman's; aiming for up to 50 double hand 
kettlebell swings, start with 20 to 30 swings (16kg)

Pizza pictures:
 The dough (hubby made it ... he's so clever)
 The Ingredients, soooooo much choice :-)
 My pizza pre oven
 My pizza post oven, nom nom nom
I did 3 sections, 3 cheese, anchovies & pepperoni with olives & chorrizo with pastrami, all topped with mozzarella
Hubby's pizza, topped with egg.
Yumming it all up :-)

Sunday has been a much easier day in respect to cravings from Saturdays FPD, not sure why but I am pleased.  I have also been to 2 movies with the kids on non-FPDays and not even one single piece of popcorn passed my lips, possibly a miracle by my standards, mini-me's were most pleased to not have to share with mom :-)  

So here's to a week coming up of healthy & clean eating, some good exercise secessions and a few days of sunshine ????? yes ????? ........



  1. Ooh sunshine, you please! :D

    I love the acronym FPD too. That made me chuckle!

    I totally understand the fruit craving too. When I'm carb starved (after very long runs, weights+HIIT etc) I CRAVE fresh fruit like nothing else. Especially apples and pineapple. I wonder if its magic..

    I also did not know that nairns do dark chocolate oatcakes. If they are vegan, then that is dangerous information for me to be in possession of!!

    Are you finding that Saturday comes round quick enough each week? Or is it a bit difficult that last couple of days?

  2. I seen pizza on quite a few blogs this weekend and I REALLY want one. I'm so going to make my own soon :-)


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