Monday, 24 January 2011

Wot we doin' tonight bwain?

Apologies folks, I forgot to put links for Thai Turkey Burgers and Jamie Oliver's fennel salad so here they are:

Well, I've stayed off the cheap cans from ASDA and been frying my noggin instead :-)  After my last blog entry and a post on the Weight Loss Resources forum about building and/or developing muscle and my confusion over it all (not loosing weight but feeling stronger, fitter and slimmer) the weekend has been a quandary*. Problem is that you can really read yourself into one great big circle with google and all the information out there, and trying to sift through fact from fiction when you're not sure what you are looking for ....... well, it's hard.

It lead to me thinking about dropping my calorie intake, reducing my set activity level on WLR (which would aid in reducing calorie intake) ramping up exercise and a variety and combination of things. But what I have decided, based more on feedback from all you lovely peeps and those on WLR is to keep doing what I am doing, I'm going to retain my current rate of loss and keep building on my exercise at a steady rate, having just introduced body pump (as an introduction to weights) I think that starting something like interval training right now would be more detrimental to me than helpful, as in injury or wearing myself out etc. I will however still introduce it in a few weeks over a set time scale so as not to let my body get complacent with its exercise routine.

  1. Perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation: "Jim is in a quandary".
  2. A difficult situation; a practical dilemma.

And on that note:
Weekly Exercise Plan Round Up:
Saturday: scheduled rest day
Sunday: unscheduled rest day**
Monday: bootcamp
it was a "rough it" secession with no mats - just use what's around you :-)
Tuesday: kettlebells & skipping
Wednesday: bootcamp
Thursday: body pump
Friday: bootcamp
Saturday: body pump (launch of latest release)
**Sundays seem to be something of an issue with me, I just can't seem to muster up the motivation to do any exercise, so to sort this I'm thinking of a few alternative action plans:
- Book a class either Saturday or Sunday
- Go for a run Saturday or Sunday morning before the days excuses creep in

How do you structure your workout routines? Do you do the same thing week-in week-out, do you do something different every week?????

Say something nice :-)
Hubby's DOMS are feeling better but his range of motion is still limited so I'm having fun scratching his nose for him heeheehee Bet he doesn't pretend he's Rambo next time ;-)


Goals as of 01 December 2010:
- I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!
- Go skiing in April 2011, so my challenge is to earn the money
- Run the Great South Run in October 2011
- To weigh 62kgs by June 2011
- Beat the skipping monster into submission and be able to skip non-stop to the full length of the Eye of The Tiger (4 minutes)
- Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011
- Step outside of my comfort zone:
(attend boxing secessions at the Boxing Club)
(try pull-ups & then try to do 1 unassisted)
- To have a healthy BMI (ideally 22) and and body fat percentage of about 25% would be ideal
- To wear my twisted jeans that have sat in my cupboard for about 10 years and feel great in them
- To be fit and have developing muscle definition - ongoing

Goals UPDATE: January 2011 - “Step outside of my comfort zone”
.. I feel I am pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone and have started body pump classes and love them, still want to add boxing again & added pull-ups as well


  1. The internet is wonderful, but it can be a source of so much contradictory information it's hard to know what's "right", if there is a "right". Sounds like you're doing quite a bit of exercise during the week, so perhaps you deserve Sunday as a rest day if it feels natural or if you took another rest day during the week you might be less tired and more motivated to workout on Sunday. You know your own body ... but just a thought.
    I tend to do more or less the same classes each week, but the instructors do mix it up to keep it interesting and keep our bodies guessing. I'm thinking of starting a new routine in the spring to include some more outdoors exercise.

  2. A Sunday run is a nice thing to do - try a few new routes.

  3. I think only introducing 1 new thing at a time is very sensible. I also agree with everydaysapicnic that it might be better to plan in rest, or at least something light, for Sunday. A walk, or bike ride or something?

    As for planning, you know me: I'm a bit anal like that! I try to keep things consistent for at least 4-6 weeks before I change anything drastically. Week to week though there is change either in number of intervals, pace, etc for the rowing, or with some of the weights I do, so I always see progression. I do sometimes have to make changes though, depending on how my injury is doing.. When that happens, I try to be at peace with the idea of flexibility! :D

  4. I am such a creature of habit! I like a run on a weekend morning, although at the mo it is saturday, and I have a walk sunday morning. Thats a nice thing to do :)


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)