Friday, 14 January 2011

Short, sharp & to the point

Bootcamp boxing was awesomely hard work this morning.

I've had difficulty getting bra's on and off today - thanks body pump :-)

Chinese take-out Friday HAS GOT TO STOP, two weeks in a row now. It ends NOW, its over!!!!!

Hubby made a scrummy spaghetti-blow-your-nose last night .... I love him but I think my taste buds love him more ;-)


Weekly Exercise Summary:
Saturday: Rest Day – CHECK

Sunday: Kettlebells & skipping – CHECK

Monday: Bootcamp – CHECK

it was a great core & strength secession

Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Bootcamp
that was a cracker of a workout!

Thursday: BODY PUMP!!

ooooooohhhhhh YEAH :-)
Friday: Bootcamp

boxing secession - awesomely hard work 
Saturday: Rest Day

I want to leave with this thought: "we can choose our friends but not our family" ..... thankfully, after I read mommy JAGs reply I cried and wanted to hug my mom & will do the next time I see her :-)

See you all on the other side of the weekend.  Strength to all.


  1. Now, that spaghetti and ragu picture has got me thinking.

    For years anything with mince in has been off my agenda due to a retching reaction to little pieces of bone or gristle, but since getting a cheap and easy mincer I can do them again :)

    I'll get some lean beef later and mince like I'm Larry Grayson in hot pants.

  2. LOl for getting bras on and off- it will get better! Even after the second class you will feel less sore the next day.

  3. I've got images Rob ... pass me the brain bleach please :-)
    Maria, today laughing hurts my back - - very funny but can't laugh about it now gggrrrrr ;-)
    Lapping up my rest day and getting coffee & dark chocolate oat cakes is as much exercise I seem to have managed.

  4. Chinese takeaway = bad. Spag bol = good. Simples :) x


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