Friday, 28 January 2011

Quicker than the flying visit ;-)

... I'm just so funny aren't I ;-)
I just wanted to update my exercise schedule as I didn't do that last night and I have 5 minutes now as playing the waiting game.

Weekly Exercise Plan Round Up:
Saturday: scheduled rest day
Sunday: unscheduled rest day
Monday: bootcamp
it was a "rough it" secession with no mats - just use what's around you :-)
Tuesday: kettlebells & skipping
Wednesday: bootcamp
Thursday: body pump
upped some of my weights and had a ball
Friday: bootcamp
boxing secession again seems Friday is boxing day :-)
Saturday: body pump (launch of latest release)

I found this little bit of nutritional diet common sense article that I'd like to share, from

Say something nice :-)
'cos I'm such a looser ;-) I don't have to complete a tax return this year ..... sing it with me .....
"thats the way, aaa-ha, aaa-ha, I liiike it, aaa-ha, aaa-ha"



  1. That's a great link Lara, thanks for the heads up!

  2. A great link :)
    Gld you enjoyed upping the weights for body pump (and the jelly legs that came with it haha)- have fun on saturday :)

  3. Pah, I've done one tax return today and doing another (overdue one) tomorrow :(

  4. Pleasure gals;
    @ Rob, hang with me I can show you how to loose money quicker than you'd believe possible ;-)

  5. Lara -- thanks for the comment on my egg sandwich ignominy! Really made me smile :-)


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