Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Now this feels better :-)

The way I feel .... it's SO much better than yesterdays mind nonsense that was going on in my head.  Today  I have eaten healthy and basically eaten when hungry and stopped when full - simple enough mmmmmmm I work on that one daily I tell you :-)  I was uber organised today and even boiled up some eggs to have in the fridge on hand when I needed them - I boiled 7 and there are only 2 left now I had ONE as a post workout snack .....

Weekly Exercise Plan:
Saturday: scheduled rest day
: unscheduled rest day

Monday: unscheduled rest day
Tuesday: kettlebells & skipping - CHECK
see below for secession, it was amazing :-)
Wednesday: bootcamp
Thursday: body pump
Friday: bootcamp 

Again, I got this one off of myomytv.com and its a real “sweat-feast”
Stage 1:
12 cycles of 20 seconds recovery and 40 seconds effort. 
There are 2 rounds of 6 exercises, as follows:
Kettlebell squat press into Reverse Lunge (right) = 7/6 (8kg)*
Kettlebell squat press into Reverse Lunge (left) = 6/6 (8kg)*
Push Ups = 17/13
Kettlebell Single arm Row (right) = 21/21 (8kg)
Kettlebell Single arm Row (left) = 23/21 (8kg)
Kettlebell Vertical Swing Burpee = 6½ /7 (12kg)
*will up to 12kg next time

Stage 2:
12 cycles of 30 seconds recovery followed by 1 minute effort.
Complete 2 rounds of the following 6 exercises:
Reverse Lunge Kick Ups (right) = 25/21**
Reverse Lunge Kick Ups (left) = 22/21**
Mountain Climbers = 63/34 !!!!?????!!!!..... promise I counted 1 and, 2 and …... well I think I did anyway ;-)
Squat + 1 lunge each side = 11/11 (did dynamic/jump swuat for 2nd set)
Burpee + 2 Sumo Jumps (no push ups) = 9/7
Side to Side Step Ups = 17/17
**Oh-MY-FRIKKING-WORD!!!!!!! that is SO much harder than it sounds on paper!!!!!!

Can't complain about my view while skipping
skipping 4 minutes = 50 sec on 10 sec rest ….. I did alright on this I think, needed the 10 seconds recovery though and only tripped up about 4 times the wholel way through – very pleased :-)

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  1. Burpees + 2 x sumo jumps!?

    *runs for cover*


    Glad you're back on form :-)

  2. Woah that sounds hardcore- nice work :)

  3. How long do boiled eggs keep in the fridge?

    If its a few days that could be useful to me.

  4. Rob I've never tested the limit but I'd guess my usual limit with cooked food in the fridge and go for about 3 to 4 days.

    Thanks gals :-)


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