Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Normality resumes

Well as normal as my life can get :-). I had 1st in line to the throne home with a fever today, took him to the doctors who confirmed a virus and (not my normal doctor) he recommended getting him to sweat it out, as in ..... give him a hot water bottle & wrap him in a duvet ...... I've done this but only because his temp was not above 39*C and I will be dosing him for a restful nights sleep.  Then we had the invisible dog fence guy round to install our invisible fence.  
Much to the "shock" of Billy & Bella who hopefully (after a bit more training) will resist the temptation to break through the fence and head out to the back fields to go romp/chomp the neighbourhood dogs!!!!!!!!!
Billy was a quick learner & couldn't even be pulled close to the flags.

OK, so that had absolutely
NOTHING to do with eating less or moving more, how did THAT happen??!!

My exercise plan for the week:

Monday: naught
Tuesday: bootcamp & kettlebell sets
Wednesday: bootcamp
Thursday: kettlebell bootcamp
Friday: bootcamp
Sunday: might try one of those telly fitness secessions????

Bootcamp today was great, a cardio secession with loads of moves throughout the 45 minutes which is just what I needed after yesterdays insanity.

Was VERY hungry at lunch time yesterday so made a tuna, pepper omelette with a splash of Worcestershire sauce ....... nom-nom-nom

1 Tsp/5ml Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin, Average
1 Size One/67g Eggs, Whole, Raw
2 Lg Eggs/66g Eggs, Whites Only, Raw, Average
1 Med/160g Peppers, Capsicum, Red, Raw, Unprepared, Average
56g Tuna, Chunks, in Spring Water, Average, Drained
1 Serving/30g Cheese, Lactose Free, Arla
1 x 10ml Sauce, Worcestershire, Special Edition, Lea & Perrins
Sorry ..... I'd eaten half before I thought about taking a picture ;-)
Another yummy meal I forgot to mention before was puy lentils braised (a Jamie Oliver recipe if I'm not mistaken) with little cocktail pork sausages ….. hubby made it and it was scrummy.
Oh and tonight to accompany these Thai turkey burgers I made Jamie Olivers orange & fennel salad, nom-nomity-NOM :-)
I had the burgers without the bun and served it up on a bed of mixed salad leaves then the fennel salad and the Thai Turkey Burgers on top, all topped off with a dollop of Sweet Chilli sauce - very sorry I never got a picture because it really did taste as nice as it looked.

Say Something nice :-)
Love one of the school mommy's she said how great I was looking, made me happy, thank you Louise.


Goals for the next 12 months:

1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!
2. Go skiing in April 2011, so my challenge is to earn the money
3. Be at a healthy BMI by mid January 2011
4. Run the Great South Run in October 2011
5. To weigh 62kgs by June 2011
6. To be fit and have developing muscle definition
7. Beat the skipping monster into submission and be able to skip non-stop to the full length of the Eye of The Tiger (4 minutes)
8. Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011
9. Step outside of my comfort zone and attend 4 boxing secessions at the Horsham Amateur Boxing Club

10. To have a healthy BMI (ideally 22) and and body fat percentage of about 25% would be ideal

11. To wear my twisted jeans that have sat in my cupboard for about 10 years and feel great in them


  1. So nice to have a compliment :)And to recieve it graciously too.

  2. Wish we stayed closer so you can keep me in check! xx

  3. Receiving a compliment is hard because I never think I deserve it but over the years I've learnt to be gracious :-).
    Love you too mom xxxx


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