Thursday, 13 January 2011

I am hooked :-)

Weekly Exercise Summary:
Saturday: Rest Day – CHECK

Sunday: Kettlebells & skipping – CHECK

Monday: Bootcamp – CHECK

it was a great core & strength secession

Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Bootcamp
that was a cracker of a workout!

Thursday: BODY PUMP!!

ooooooohhhhhh YEAH :-)
Friday: Bootcamp

Saturday: Rest Day

Body Pump review ... written while I can still type :-)
Well I made it in good time for the techniques secession, someone had kindly set up for the beginners already (there were 3 of us & somehow it made me relax a little).  Elaine was to be our instructor, petite but defined lady with little mini munchkin in tow who tootled off to creche before class started.  We had a quick how to with the bars & weights and a demo & try of the more difficult moves (clean and press being my "trickster").  Some deep breathing before I started to try calm my nerves and then it was no turning back!!!!!!!!!!
Music - 
love, love, 
love it 
Moves - love it ..... ALL 
Instructor - love her, clear direction and she even hopped up to alter me in one of the moves :-)

I used the same weights all the way through from warm up to the end, 2 small 1kg plates on each side.  At one point I felt I could have taken on more weight but for say the tricep work ....... it was challenging so going to say it was JUUUUUST right.

I AM going to hurt tomorrow morning, in fact hubby may have to feed me dinner tonight but, yes Maria et al, you were all right ............. I 
 it and will sooooo be going back.  They are doing the new release 29th January so may even book onto that and become a confirmed Body Pump JUNKIE.
I must mention though that I did sit and watch the warm up for combat ..... and that was partially curiosity but mostly to make sure my arms were ok to drive home MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Hat pictures as promised:
Up close
Heading out for the school run

Catch you all on the other side of tomorrow and my morning bootcamp secession :-)



  1. Ha, the enthusiasm in the post is infectious! It's great when you come away from a workout feeling like that. No thoughts about weight loss, or heart health -- just pure, pumping endorphins and a addiction to life! :D

    Oh, and I would also have felt better with other beginners there. No one likes to be the new kid fumbling around at the back.. ;)

  2. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad you loved it!!! Hope your arms are ok :)
    I am glad you had some kind people helping you out- thats what happened at my class, and we help the newbies too- I think because you need to much equipment (compared to just a mat or whatever) it can seem a bit daunting. So yay! It totally gets my endorphins going too, I get the post body pump high after the class. I bet soon you will feel you can add more weights to some tracks (eg squats/ back/ lunges)once you get the hang of the moves.
    Hooray again :)
    PS love the hat

  3. I've fleetingly considered Body Pump a few times but worry that my complete lack of rhythm, coupled with crippling self consciousness of that condition, would preclude attendance.

    Sounds like its a winner though!


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