Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hi folks, not sure where the past few days disappeared, even more distressing I can't really tell you what I've been doing - not because its cloak & dagger stuff but just that I can't actually recall anything significant!!!!... so its been "one of those" few days :-) 

 My weeks workouts went well besides the Monday morning blip that resulted in me bailing on bootcamp.  Body pump was great again and I kept my weights as they had been on the first day, so 2kg on each side but will up them to the 2.5kg plates for next week ….. I find I could possibly take more on the back tracks but everyone else seems to take off for the back tracks???!!!!  I may just be weird, well no actually I KNOW I'm weird ;-)

Weekly Exercise Plan Round Up:
Saturday: scheduled rest day
Sunday: unscheduled rest day
Monday: unscheduled rest day
Tuesday: kettlebells & skipping - CHECK
great secession :-)
Wednesday: bootcamp
more glute bashing, cardio, core .......
Thursday: body pump
great secession but I kept my weights the same @2kg each side

Friday: bootcamp
Boxing secession, started easy finished HARD!  

It has been soooo funny at home recently as hubby went on Friday for his first secession at gym for a long time and had a chest/shoulder/arm workout …. well last night at about 1am he was in a lot of pain – we hadn't even thought about giving him ibuprofen before bed or anything ….. by 6am I was awake and he was begging for something – poor blighter hadn't slept.

Trainer was Rene (she is training for some championship event) and he went to the local “gym in a shed” I call it, in real life its called The Forest Gym.  Its by no means a poser gym with bunnies – quite the opposite, its run by Harold (Big H) one of hubby's old school chums who just happens to be an ex-Mr UK etc etc etc blah blah  In fact when hubby went to put his towel on the bench before working out Rene asked what he was doing and she said “in all my time here I've never seen anyone do that” LMOL :-)

He knows I'm feigning interest but be warned I will more than likely be joining him one day ;-) ….. to develop the rockin' bod I know I have.

I did my weigh-in this morning and lost a grand total of 0.2kg …. thats not even half a pound over 4 weeks!!!!!!!! BUT I did loose a few centimetres and my body fat percent came down half a percent so that is all very good news :-)  I think I need to either alter my rate of weight loss or decrease my set activity level on WLR (not exercise level) and crack this.  I'll have to think about it because it will mean either taking my 5 meals a day plan down to 4 and/or I will look into changing what I have and seeing if I can find nourishing and sustaining foods for fewer calories.  I'm a hungry girl most the time so sustaining my belly can be a full time job ;-)
Turkey Burgers with bun

Turkey Burger with salad
Last night I remembered to take a few snaps of dinner before it all disappeared, Thai turkey burgers with Jamie Olivers fennel & orange salad …..... a firm favourite with both of us which is great because hubby doesn't normally like turkey, so happiness both ways :-)  I had without buns again but hubby had with – still a great nourishing meal and low in calories.  

 Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. That's funny about your husband's gym! Though it sounds like he's in rather a lot of pain..

    Kettlebell swings really work the back, which might explain your strength in that area. Compared to the fact the general population are usually weak in that area, that might be why you're a bit of a body pump anomaly ;)

    If you're losing inches then I'd hold off cutting more calories for now -- see if you get a drop in weight over the next couple of weeks. There's usually little to be gained by going hungry..

  2. Nice job on the body pump!
    In my class we need the heavy weights for squats, back and lunges (and this time specifically they are supposed to all be the same)- then I have lighter bar for chest, triceps, biceps, and then an even lighter bar for shoulders as it is agony! Although this time the biceps track is harder so I go down for that (we were told to).
    So if you feel you could go heavier then I would say try it. Do you have weights that clip on or can you slip them on the end? Ours are quite rubbery so you can put extra on, on the outside of the clip, and then if it is too heavy you can tip them off during the track.
    You have lost a bit of weigh still, so I would say keep with what you are doing- if you cut calories further then you might just lose energy and not complete your workouts so well.

  3. I'd love to try BodyPump at some point - it sounds like you get a really good workout ... I'm not sure there's anywhere close to me that does it though (without joining a gym that costs a lot of £££s).
    The turkey burger looks yummy, I might have to give that a try - so much healthier than beef burgers. Ostrich burgers are my favourite - very healthy too - not too easy to get hold of though!

  4. If your memory is going you need to lay off a few of those cans of Special Brew you have with breakfast...

    Which book is the orange & fennel salad from?


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