Monday, 3 January 2011

Glue stripper ... or something similar needed

....... to get my lardy arse off the bally couch!!!!!!!  I rallied the family out of bed this morning all full of action and then come 3 this afternoon I was having a snoring match with the pups!!!.....whats that all about then!

My planned kettlebell sets workout from today will have to be done tomorrow as well as 5:30 bootcamp.  I think I've actually eaten myself scared tonight and making it worse - my body is not going to know what hit it in the morning boooohooooo.  Don't get me wrong, you know I love my exercise and especially my bootcamp and the fact its over before the rest of the family are even out of bed, buuuuuut 2 weeks of holidays have made me a sleeper-in person again.

My exercise plan for the week:
Monday: naught
Tuesday: bootcamp & kettlebell sets
Wednesday: bootcamp
Thursday: kettlebell bootcamp
Friday: bootcamp
Sunday: might try one of those telly fitness secessions????

Well, wish me luck ...... here I go into Tuesday morning .....


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