Thursday, 27 January 2011

A flying visit

Cracking body pump class this morning … you can tell I'm all excited 'cos I'm still new :-)  Well, today I varied my weights throughout the class, took more on for squats, back and same as last week for triceps (I'm a weakling there at the mo!!), then the cracker came during lunges.  Instructor said to use bar or hold a weight if you felt strong enough so I thought I'd show I wasn't scared and picked up 1kg disk – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, instructor lady pootled off to her weights and brought me over a frikking 5kg disk …... well I nearly died BUT, I DID manage about 95% of the set so after my jelly legs recovered I gave myself a pat on the back.

My instructor chilling at home tonight I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!

Bar that I've been a bit all over the place recently (not with exercise or diet that seems to have held together for some obscure reason!!!) but I think I'm starting to get it back together again now, its going to be a long ol' slog but will be worth it.

Say something nice :-)
I was proud of myself today for not shouting at all the numpTs on the road today .... and loooooordy there were plenty of them!



  1. You are clearly so excited about bodypump, it's so cool! :D

    Glad things are settling down for you. I think January is always a weird one. Almost Feb though now. WTF!?

  2. Yay for body pump! I am still excited about it and I have been going a year and a half! Long may it continue :)


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