Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fitness - EISHA!

All a bit confused today …. I thought I was making strides in fitness and being able to push myself each exercise secession & feel the benefits.  Now this morning at bootcamp they threw us a “try harder” secession with push-ups and burpees (15 secs effort 15 secs rest, 2 rounds each X 2 sets with other less intensive exercises in-between the sets).  The idea was to try one level up from what you do, so for me I usually do push-ups on my knees so I did straight legged ones & for burpees I tried throwing in a knee push-up as well …........ wondering if I tried toooooo hard I was cream crackered afterwards, had to literally stop for breath!

Weekly Exercise Summary:
Saturday: Rest Day – CHECK

Sunday: Kettlebells & skipping – CHECK

Monday: Bootcamp – CHECK

it was a great core & strength secession

Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Bootcamp
that was a cracker of a workout!

Thursday: BODY PUMP!!

Friday: Bootcamp

Saturday: Rest Day

Rather a dreary day today going through training videos with hubby which resulted in loads of tea/coffee & snacks …... put your sunnies on to avoid my halo glare & guess which was mine!

Exhibit A *sparkly halo*

Exhibit B *Oreo tainted non-halo* ;-)
I also wanted to flash off another piece of crockery, my mug was made by a lovely lady called Jan & you can check out her work here at poppiespottery, I have a matching plate as well and together they make breakkie a joy when I'm feeling a little blue. ps I see the bluebell cake stand & mugs she made for my mates 40th birthday are on the front page - beautiful :-)

Very pleased to get out the office today to have lunch for a while (by “out the office” you must understand that meant leaving the annex passing through the kitchen into the lounge!) and the school run, well now that was an absolute outdoor highlight ;-)

Say something nice :-)
I felt really great today going out in my dog chewed fixed up hat - I popped into Accessorise yesterday to find a flower pin or clip I could use to put over the scruffy hole they had made, it was half price & then the lady knocked off half again as there were supposed to be 2 flower clips so £1.05 later I had a revived hat - RESULT :-) pics tomorrow.


Goals for the next 12 months:

1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!
2. Go skiing in April 2011, so my challenge is to earn the money
3. Be at a healthy BMI by mid January 2011
4. Run the Great South Run in October 2011
5. To weigh 62kgs by June 2011
6. To be fit and have developing muscle definition
7. Beat the skipping monster into submission and be able to skip non-stop to the full length of the Eye of The Tiger (4 minutes)
8. Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011
9. Step outside of my comfort zone and attend 4 boxing secessions at the Horsham Amateur Boxing Club
10. To have a healthy BMI (ideally 22) and and body fat percentage of about 25% would be ideal
11. To wear my twisted jeans that have sat in my cupboard for about 10 years and feel great in them

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  1. Loving the dog chewed hat :)

    I suspect you should feel a bit wasted after the step up at bootcamp, if you didn't it'd make a mokery of the level you're usually at (it'd be too easy).

    I can only recall doing press ups once in umpteen years but I know that I could always do knee press ups forever and a day but full press ups I found extremely tough. I do think there's a big difference between the two.


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