Monday, 10 January 2011

Beautiful Monday

OK so pink with white spots it is, I used the pink pen to go with it and I'm sure it made my workout better than it would have been without it. A big thank you to all who shared an opinion (book A will be neatly tucked away until I fill up pink dots or I find another use for it :-)

I had issues with my exercise page, I think it's because as a page I have edited it a lot and it started to get confuse???!!! Anyone know of a way to put individual posts onto a new page in eblogger???? For now I’ve sorted it by cutting all the content back into a word document and keeping format to a minimum – hope it holds because I don’t think my blood pressure can handle another episode like last night!  

Anyways back to business at hand.
Hhhhhmmmmmm ….. I believe I was supposed to weigh-in this weekend wasn’t I!!!!!! eeeeerrrrrmmmmm, well to be honest I did and jumped straight back off the scale with an “oooooooh deeeaaaaar ……. don’t want THAT reading to register” squeal. Nothing horrible but it was a stay the same …… miiiiiiggghhht have something to do with the Chinese the night before *screws eyes tightly shut so can’t see any “you should have know better” comments*. I didn’t have time to measure as the family was being shuffled out the door and I’d slept in like a tardy lady of leisure.  

SO, to help me along the path of all that is good and positive I thought I'd start my exercise summary on the weekend as I seem to not blog much over the weekend and this way the weekend will be taken care of with my Monday blog, make sense, good! ;-)  

Weekly Exercise Summary:
Saturday: Rest Day - CHECK
Sunday: Kettlebells & skipping – CHECK
Monday: Bootcamp – CHECK
it was a great core & strength secession
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Bootcamp
Thursday: BODY PUMP!!!
Friday: Bootcamp
Saturday: Rest Day

You may have noticed in the above that I have committed, I finally phoned up and booked a Thursday morning body pump class eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I feel all giddy already but nothing compared to what I'm going to feel like after the class I'm sure! I am wondering though if this counts as my stepping out my comfort zone instead of boxing???? Opinions please.

Makes tea taste SOOOO nice :-)
I climbed up to get to a top kitchen cupboard Saturday and found my lovely Whittards *tea for one* cup and teapot, so its out being used again and I must say it DOES make tea taste so much nicer, even my rooibos tea which is lovely as it is.  

Other stuff:

I've been pondering a challenge and have put it out to the family the possibility of doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation, I know hubby keeps talking about a cycle challenge so maybe this is for him as well “team eat less move more” …. sounds good I think?!?!  

Say something nice :-)
You know I REALLY am spoilt rotten to have a hubby who loves to cook and does it so well to-boot, he even keeps my dietary needs in mind as well, I am a truly VERY lucky (well fed) girl.



  1. With the bodypump and that teapot I thought for a minute that I was on Maria's blog! :D

    Good luck on Thursday -- I hope it's a good substitute..

  2. The chick has style, I'm trying to emulate ... up my girlieness you know :-)

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  4. Body pump is ace, you'll love it. Or you'll hate it :)

  5. LOL to the comments Alison and Lara! And I now have teapot envy!
    And you will love body pump I am sure! I know I keep on, and it is a bit confusing at first with the adding and taking off weights between each track (although if it is a small group and they have enough we always have 2 bars each, a heavy and a light, so see if other people do that?)- there is always time for it, and the instructor will tell you to put weight on or take it off. We can both compare aches on friday haha! But seriously I am sure you will love it. And honestly they don't pay me to say that or anything! :)


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)