Sunday, 5 December 2010

Weekend round up

My weekend foods have been a bit weird for me because I tried to stick to 5 meals a day but not the structured veg/protein/rice combo and well …... the pancakes were just unavoidable.

Saturday's Menu:
Pancakes at Giraffe & soya latte
3 crisp thins with lacto free cream cheese & ham
5 dark chocolate oatcakes
3 crisp thins with cucumber & vienna
Lamb with Christmas spices & hubby added orzo
.. I HIGHLY recommend this, it smells like winter warming in a bowl.

Sunday's Menu:
Scrambled eggs on rye toast
Few mini caramel wafers from Starbucks; grande soya cappuccino
3 crisp thins with lacto free cream cheese
Handful of marshmallows
Chicken roast with veg & baked potato

Back to the pancakes though, as nice as they were, I woke up this morning with dry eyes and itching scalp again (the wheat & sugar I'm afraid to say) and that was why for Sunday I opted for rye toast but clearly have to work on the sugar consumption :-( but that too will follow.

Looking ahead: 
Our Christmas & New Year plans are coming together. Christmas will be at ours with friends (family are all to far away) and New Year we will be heading out to The Drummond at Albury for the night, again to spend with friends.

Say something nice :-)
After 4 days with the kids home I'm pleased to report they are still alive and I have not stress eaten - wooohooooo, its all rock&roll here ;-)



  1. Good work on the no stress-eating!

    I also have a crappy reaction to sugar, that actually seems to get worse the less I eat it! Wheat though I'm fine with so long as I only eat it in moderation. I just discovered that by eating on appetite, and I found I often don't want wheat-based foods. I guess the body knows best :-)

    I don't have NYE plans yet. I am so old, boring and single... ;-)


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