Friday, 3 December 2010

Still loving the snow :-)

Well, I have to confess …. yesterday was the first day of the new eating regime that I found myself craving food and going to bed with not a starving hungry feeling but an empty feeling should I say.  Its difficult to describe, but I had a glass of water and managed to fall asleep comfortably and there was no waking up with hunger pangs or anything like that.  It might have had something to do with the fact that I was craving soft biscuits and cake, if someone had put a cake in front of me and walked out the room I would have wolfed it down in seconds – not because I was hungry-hungry at any point during the day but because I had a wanton feeling …... in my head.  I think its a mental thing with it being so cold and snowy and stuff.  I mean, when its cold I NEED more food ….. don't I?????  Or is it that old “its cold I need comfort food” feeling creeping back in???

This morning when I woke up (bootcamp had been cancelled), I felt miz so didn't do any exercise and in fact got back in to bed and promptly overslept!!! This is not to say that I didn't exercise during the day :-) I swept all the snow off the car …. YES swept it off; shovelled the end of the driveway so I could open the gate; shovelled snow from in front of the chickens run so they could venture further than their gate …. poor choocksies would have disappeared into the snow if they had tried!  Then there was the 45 minute walk through the snow & forest with the kids and then I found a 15 minute body blast on that I just had to try – see here for the clip:

I managed 5 full sets + 1 extra of kettlebell swings & Russian twists ….. bear in mind I can’t do a full press up yet so I was on my knees and only did 10 push ups for each set.  Kettlebell weight: for me it was 12kg for swings and 8kg for Russian twists.

I have a LONG way to go but it felt great to get a 15 minute workout in to my day that challenged the body.

Food is still yummy and fulfilling, here is a quick pic of what we had for dinner tonight …...

Cajun chicken with vegetables

So far today I am satisfied with meals - hunger - and hunger being met by meals but have to say …..... bring on the weekend, Giraffe & their pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!

Say something nice today:
Today I looked down at my belly whilst doing the Russian twists and didn't think "*^%$%C££^^%%$^" thats revolting but rather "mmmmm improving" :-)



  1. Enjoy your Giraffe pancakes. I love that place!

  2. In the frozen North the only Giraffe you're likely to see is in Chester zoo.

    I have a sneaky feeling I did go to somewhere of that name at Stanstead airport a few years ago though.

  3. I went to giraffe for breakfast once and it was fab- think i had some nice porridge or muesli or something but I remember it was gooooooood- enjoy :)

  4. heehee, the first time I went in I saw the porridge and thought "mmmm I'll have that next time" ..... brain did not even pass go this morning and ordered pancakes again - they were yum but I was beaten 2/3rds the way through and gave up :-(

    Rob yes I believe they have a few in the airports.

  5. I think animals put on more weight in winter to keep there may be some truth behind it. Maybe :) x


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