Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Imlil, Morocco

WOW, what a fantastic weekend we had in Morocco.  We were up early bells on Saturday morning to catch the 8am'ish flight out of Gatwick - kids were excited to be on the *orange plane* ;-)  Flight was about 3 hours and there were no delays so it was all good.  After we landed we met up with our friends and it was straight into the mini bus and off up into the mountains.  Now I do have to add here that the driving style of the Moroccans is well-uuuuummmmm ...... eeeerrrrmmmmmm ......... lets just say I closed my eyes until we got there.  We got out at the village of Imlil where our luggage was taken up to the Kasbah on mule and we hoofed it up on foot.  It wasn't far, about 15 minutes, but hells bells ...... I thought I was getting fit!!!!  The accommodation was amazing and the tagines and bread and OH MY WORD the yoghurt ........ *trails off into dream like state remembering the taste with a bit of local honey drizzled over it* ......... Now with all this food one would think you'd over eat, but you don't really (well I don't think I did) because you are up and down the hill to the village and expending energy haggling / dodging hagglers at EVERY corner and then you don't really drink THAT much because you've had to bring all your own booze as its a muslim country and alcohol availability is nil.

The village of Imlil is small but the gateway to the Atlas mountains and all that it offers, next time we go I want to do a few walks up into the mountains and dare I say it camp overnight and experience it to the full.  I'd love to do Marrakech but think with the boys right now not appropriate just due to its "busyness".  The people are amazing and were a huge part of making the weekend what it was, they are just so friendly and warm and love kids.

Food roundup:
did I use the bars & biscuits?  I had one or 2 to keep hunger at bay and the kids delved in as well.
did I miss loads of booze? well no because I don't drink loads anyway but had enough bubbly to keep the taste buds happy.
I could have made better food choices for the flight back but tiredness clouded judgement.

Kasbah food rating:
salads = amazing
bread = phenomenal
yoghurt = the BEST ever
chicken/lamb tagines = amazing
mint tea = VERY sweet, would ask for no sugar added next time
fruit = all fresh and local and SO juicy
....... it was all really good and the best part for me was it was authentic, fresh local and clean - the way it should be.
Hubby missed the beer aspect ;-)
 Yoghurt (with pancakes in background)
Bread as served with each meal

Where to stay if you ever go:
We stayed at the Kasbah du Toubkal which is described as a local hospitality centre.  It was very comfortable with lovely roof top terraces decked out for relaxing or eating at your request.  We never made us of the hammass but I will next time.
view of Kasbah from Dar Adrar

If you wanted to go economy you could stay at Dar Adrar.
view from Dar Adrar

Now by economy all I'd say is that it's more B&B over hotel style - the rooms looked basic but comfortable and the food there possibly even better than at the Kasbah and Mohammed is just the best.

SO how do you prepare for this kind of event, having to be up early with no time for breakfast and the prospect of airplane/airport food and no coffee?????
Well I packed in my handbag a few Nature Valley trail bars a and a few packs of dark chocolate oatcakes "just in case".  As it turned out I had porridge on the plane and the coffee was fantastic (ok so it was moo's milk but its not like I'm allergic its just a choice thing for me).

Yesterday was a nightmare, lack of sleep from late flight and getting home.  then it was a busy morning which included a molar extraction thanks to a horrid infection meaning the tooth had a split root and could not have the planned crown! so yesterday was no exercise and sad to say lots of very naughty chocolate biscuits and kak.  Today I'm back to small meals and frequent eating.  Also going to do a secession of kettlebells and some skipping with my new rope.

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I love my friends, each and every special one of them and every little aspect of them that makes them them xxxx


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  1. Morrocco sounds fantastic. Definitely my type of food (though I suspect I'd say that about anywhere, except Scandinavia possibly). My eldest brother lived there for about a year in the early 70s.


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