Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I *heart* kettlebells

I just had to share this with you, I was trying to motivate myself away from the computer to do a work out and of course had to then spend time working out what I was going to do and it wasn't going to be hop on the treaddie for half an hour so this is what I planned........
Swing arms, swing legs, rotate hips
Halo X 10
Round The World X 10
Figure of 8 X 10
Good Mornings X 10

Double Hand Swings X 20 - 12kg kettlebell
Mountain climbers X 20 on each leg
Clean-Squat-Press X 10 on each side - 8kg kettlebell
Sumo squat jumps X 20
Alternating single arm swings X 20 on each arm - 12kg kettlebell
Burpees X 20
One-arm rows X 10 each side - 12kg kettlebell
Skipping 1 minute
Full Turkish get-up X 5 each side - 6kg kettlebell

Cool down & stretches
I *heart* kettlebells
The Outcome & Notes:
Set 1 time : 10min 18sec
Set 2 time : 11min 25sec
I did set 2 in reverse, so started with skipping and finished up with swings.  I didn't do any turkish get-ups in the timed sets as I didn't think I could have held proper form if I had tried.  Did 3 turkish get ups each side at the end (2min 21sec) and that was enough ... and that was after a 2 minute break.
Total 30 minutes including rest time but excluding warm up or cool down.

How I felt:
"Oooooh may fork, ek het may broekke vol ge-kak" (not spelt correctly I know but phonetically) and loosely translated from Afrikaans into English means
"Oh dear ....... it seems I may have over extended myself in the exercise department and now seem to think I'm dead" ;-)
..... well no not really, but WHAT a workout!!!!! YEIKS, think I need to go lie down now!

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I'm loving the crispness in the frosty air, I love it.



  1. Awesome session Lara! You've got a lot of my favourite exercises in there: mountain climbers, burpees, TGUs... I can imagine that this was a real best of a workout!!

  2. oh I wish I had the room inside my house to do a kettlebell workout....... and I daren't do it outside right now, I'd end up derriere over bosom!


  3. You know DF if you can lie down on the floor with arms out .... thats all the space you really need for a kettlebell workout - so long as you're not swinging towards a window or Mr DF on the couch you're all good :-)


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