Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bootcamp in the snow

I've had lots of .... "are you nuts comments" on facebook already but I tell you it was actually quite fun and cos' you're exercising & moving the whole time there is no need to get cold :-)

The car park at bootcamp

If you look closely you can see 3 peeps on the bandstand .... dedicated or nuts :-)

Update on new regime for my Body Fitness Challenge:
Eating its going well, I most certainly cannot say that I am going hungry.  Still eating 5 small meals a day, so an average day for food looks something like this:
Breakfast: chochamocha porridge & coffee
Meal 1: poached chicken/turkey/fish, veg & rice
Meal 2: poached  chicken/turkey/fish, salad & rice
Meal 3: poached  chicken/turkey/fish, veg & rice
Dinner: stir-fry with protien

Drinks: lots of water .... at least 2L a day; and some herbal teas (either rooibos or oolong tea)

Exercise: I'm keeping up the bootcamp & reintroduced kettlebells yesterday

Odds & Sods: I make my porridge with Kara coconut milk but still have soya milk in my coffee.  I also have a PreWorkOut snack which is currently fudge balls but soon to become 2 x oatcakes

All in all, I'm feeling positive and strong about this hope the body plays the game and energises the metabolism as this is not something I have tried before.

Say Something nice :-)
Today, I like the crunching of the snow under my feet.



  1. I think you are crazy for being outside in the snow! But then I did have a run after work on monday outside and it did make my tea taste much better once I was inside!

  2. I'll buck the trend and say I think it's cool you exercised in the snow! I've done many a workout in the pouring rain (including touch rugby!), and loved it.

    Re. food, do you not get bored with your snacks (M1, 2, 3)? As a kickstart I could probably hack it, but longer term I'd need to mix it up more. Have you considered greek yoghurt, oatcakes & pb, etc?

    Overall though I love the positivism! And I think renewed energy at this time of year will help carry you through Christmas :-)

  3. I'm still loving the snow, and probably will until we run out of food *cheezy grin*
    Alison, I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep going with this but I am sure that after a while I will need to mix things up. Hubby is a genius in the kitchen (well as far as I'm concerned) and so its not just boiled chicken and rice. we are trying our ostrich, buffalo, goat etc as well to keep it interesting ..... I'd crack otherwise. I love that when I get hungry I'll look at the clock and it will be time for the next meal so my body feels like its processing things more efficiently. Having said all of that we are planning in an off day on the weekend - can't wait :-)


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