Thursday, 2 December 2010

Beautiful Snow

Oh My Word, what a beautiful day today.  Now I know that all this snow causes chaos for many people but I just love it, I love the way it looks when its undisturbed, I like the way it crunches under your feet, I love the way the kids and poochies play in it, I love the way it tingles when it lands on your face .......... I could go on and on :-)

Today the kids have a snow day off school, they have spent most the day watching various telly programs and DVDs (nearly called them videos there for a second - YEIKS) so a little peek into private life here ........

mmmmmm, won't be having a barby meal here any time soon!!

 SNOWBALL FIIIIIIIIIGHT (ok so I didn't play fair heeheehee)
 Knee deep in the snow here
It has been amazing fun to pull on the ski gear but also made me yearn even more for a ski holiday :-(

OK so this renewed vigor thing is going well, despite all the snow and coldness and stuff hubby & I have managed to stick to our eating program rather well (with the odd hot chocolate thrown in for comfort).  I had a sneaky on the scales this morning and am 2kgs down already, yip I know - the whole water thing so I'm not getting tooooooo excited & also I have to get through the weekend first!!!!

Here is a pic of what we had for meal 1 today and I must say it was rather yummy.  I forgot to take a pic and I was nearly finished mine so had to stop hubby eating his so I could snap a few pictures before it was all gone ;-)
Warm chicken & poached egg salad.

Hubby is quite handy and creative in the kitchen so we haven't gotten bored yet and meal 2 today was the first "that could have been better" meal so far this week - not bad considering it Thursday so day 4 of the program.

Think I will be doing the 30 Day Shred tomorrow morning in front of the telly as I'll bet that bootcamp will be cancelled ...... or I could just go galavant around the garden again for a bit - that seems to be quite a workout heeheehee

Say Something nice :-)
Today, I am very grateful to have hubby around to be such an inspiration xoxox


PS: Warm chicken & poached egg salad was my creation ;-)

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