Monday, 20 December 2010

Baking: Healthy Muesli Rusks

Sorry all but this post has nothing to do with exercise, or with being healthy actually .... I mean 1KG of butter!!!!!!!!!!
Not sure what to call them in the UK but I baked my sister in laws healthy rusks (rusks are a South African thing I think??!!!) they have got to be the yummiest things ever to be eaten.

The quantities below are for a FULL batch. When I made it I made HALF a batch (so half the quantities) and I still got 2 baking trays worth.

When drying you need to make sure you have a whole morning or afternoon to be able to watch them. Cut before and after baking ... it just makes it easier - trust me!

1.5 kg cake flour
5 cups All Bran - crushed in hand
5 cups muesli
100 ml baking powder
750 ml (3 cups) sugar
1 kg soft butter 
1 liter buttermilk
10 mlVanilla
2 eggs
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 ½ cups Cashew nuts (broken up)/ pumpkin seeds, etc.
(**I Like to use nut/seed/dried fruit mix in mine rather than just nuts & seeds .... quantities stay the same you can add which ever combo you like **)

Mix dry ingredients. 
Mix butter, eggs, vanilla and buttermilk.
Mix all together.
all the ingredients mixed up
..... mix it all up and cover and let stand over night or for a few hours - not sure what it does but it does something and my SIL does it so I'm not arguing. 
Press into buttered flat pans and cut into fingers with a pizza cutter or knife.
in the pan ready for the oven
Bake for 40 min at 180ÂșC
Recut fingers and dry for 3 hours.
fingers cut ready for drying 
Unfortunately mine burnt on the edges.  I need to consider lower heat for longer or shortening time ..... any ideas??
Drying them out:
I leave mine in the oven on very low/warm with the door left slightly ajar.
Turn the rusks onto their side so there is space on the trays for them all and then turn again every 20 to 30 minutes - turn the rusks and rotate the trays.
ready for drying
The only way to tell if its has dried through is to break one open ..... try after about 2 hours otherwise you may go through them all before they have dried.
ready for eating :-)
One last thing ..... SIL recommends that you take at least one finger just after baking and before drying while its still warm and slap a whack of butter and eat - OMG is it divine!!!!!!!!



  1. That is a lot of butter! But otherwise those are great ingredients. And what's a bit of butter when you work hard at bootcamp.. Did you tot up the NVs? What's the damage?

  2. I've just added the recipe to WLR and its scary, at best about 365cals per finger - and my fingers are a little chubbier than that so more like 425calories - YEIKS, better go do SEVERAL more rounds of 30 day shred, level 1 & 3 are not going to even cover what I've had today!!!!

    Nutrition Data Per Serving
    Calories (kcal) 365.7
    Carbohydrate (g) 41.6
    Protein (g) 7.1
    Fat (g) 18.6
    Fibre (g) 5.6
    Alcohol (g) 0.0
    Fruit & Veg 0.1


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