Wednesday, 3 November 2010


OK so this morning has been a tad mixed up in that as soon as I walked through the door back form bootcamp hubby was heading out for golf.  Problem you ask????  Well no, but the extra chit-chat meant I didn't manage to get upstairs straight away and shower like I usually do - I got stuck straight into getting the kids ready so I could get to the office with my breakfast and set up for the day.  Which in turn meant I did the school run in stinky smelly bootcamp kit and in fact I am STILL sat here with said stinky smelly bootcamp kit on as I have to watch my screen for targets (which is a good thing by the way ;-))

So is this my revelation ..... no silly!!!!  My revelation is Kara Foods Coconut Milk.
Also available on your supermarket shelf (well Tesco to be exact)
I used it just now in my usual chochamocha porridge and OH MY WORD ........ I have never, ever had porridge that tasted SOOOOOOO lush and creamy before, will not be using Soya Milk in my podge any more - EVARRRRRR!!!!  Now to try it in a cuppa cawffeeeee ;-)

What's on the menu today?
Breakfast: corn bread, ham and a poached egg along with a cuppa
Lunch: left over butternut risotto with a bag of steam veggies
Snacks: ChocaMocha porridge with falxseed (done) and dark chocolate oatcakes
Dinner: Japanese Mirin-poached beef with steamed rice - we couldn't find the pickled ginger yeseterday so we had prawn paella last night instead but I'm heading to Waitrose and M&S today to see if the posh shops can deliver the goods so to speak :-)
Drinks: rooibos tea & water

Yesterdays run was great, I started off on 2% incline but had to drop to 1% in first jog secession and it felt good from there.  I am pleased I decided to repeat week 6 if I'm totally honest ;-) as its giving me a chance to consolidate what I have done so far and also ensures I don't push myself to far after not running last week.  Bootcamp this morning was practically tropical, a pleasant and warm morning clocking in at 14*C.  Great workout with a few "challenges" thrown in by the instructor ….. eerrrrmmmm 2 minutes of burpees!!!!!!!!.............I managed 25!  Will see if I can better this next time shall we.



  1. Potential stupidest question of the year..

    Does it taste coconutty?! I want to like coconut but I detest it for some reason x

  2. Rachel, no it doesn't taste coconutty at all. Makes podge awesomely creamy and works nicely with coffee as well :-)


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