Tuesday, 16 November 2010

OK, so Monday I woke up and gave myself a clean bill of health and completed the full bootcamp secession in the morning, felt OK for the rest of the day and then felt like that cat truck, you know ..... the one pictured below, made a revisit over my body during the night and apparently I looked like it too when I walked into the office.  The office BTW is the annex where hubby & I work but the fact that I hadn't even changed yet and was slippered and robe'd up probably didn't help the look ;-)  Based on this I have just had a walk with hubby & pooches and will not pursue any structured exercise unless I get an energy blast of some sorts this afternoon.

Picture of forest where we went for our dog walk (taken on hubby's iPhone4)

What's on the menu for today?
Breakfast: Rye toast, melted Arla cheese & a poached egg with coffee
Snack: Dark chocolate oatcakes & options hot chocolate
Lunch: prawn & pesto wholemeal wrap - surprisingly YUM :-)
Snack: Wolegrain Thins with Arla cream cheese
Dinner:  Saag with kid goat meat & basmati rice

Exercise: walking poochies
Drinks: rooibos tea & water

More from me:
The "unusual meats" I ordered the other day, from Alternative Meats, are prooving interesting but I will provide a full and proper review of them once we have tried it all.  So far we have kangaroo sausages and wild boar burgers under the belt and will be trialing the Kid Goat meat in a saag tonight ........ can't wait & hope its good.

Sorry its a shorite from me today but I think I need to chill for a bit today :-)  have a great Tuesday everyone and remember to Eat Less & Move More.


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