Saturday, 13 November 2010

Man Flu ..... well that's what it feels like anyway ;-)

Wow this head cold thing is taking its toll on me big time.  Its been a long while since I've been sick and my body is feeling like its been steam rolled by an industrial mining truck, something like one of the Caterpillar trucks .....

I've done sinutab, I've done Corenza C, I've kept up my viatmins and drunk loads of water and IT'S STILL BALLY WELL HERE!!!!!!!!!!
OK so now I've had to bring in the big guns, I'm talking last resort as far as I'm concerned. I've never really had any benefit from echinacea but have had some response to a degree from Sambucol (Black Elderberry Extract) so am going to blast my bod with it today and tomorrow and see how I go with that.

Needless to say what with all this snottyness, exercise has blown out the window and healthy eating is a side thought ..... although my binge list form yesterday looked something like this:
Thinz crispbreads (x4) with Arla cream cheese & vienna's (x2)
Dark chocolate oatcake double packs x 3
Custard creams x 10 (you can tell the biscuit monster got out!!!!)
and dinner was a Chinese take-out.

OK time for a sad story, not emotionally sad but pathetic sad. When we order Chinese take-out its always the same thing:
Beef Chow Mein
Chicken Foo-Yong
Sweet & Sour Pork
Plain rice
NOW, we normally dish up 50/50 but last night I dished up 1/3rd onto my plate and the rest onto hubby's so was pleased with myself but thanks to the kids ribs I snacked on one of these while cleaning up.
So a bit good and bad:
Good, heading in the right direction with portioning the take-out but not so much with the bad habit of eating left overs in the kitchen while cleaning up :-(

Now I just need to remember to log it all and hopefully I'm not toooo over.

I'm looking forwards to being fit & healthy again SOON and hopefully won't have anymore posting gaps :-)



  1. Nasty colds.

    We each had it last weekend and wehilst mine has made a bit of a comeback for this weekend our lass has had hers return full on.

    Nothing a good curry won't shift tonight though.

  2. BLAH, hope little one get better, I don't like it when the kiddies are sick. Think I'm ready for exercise again tomorrow, well I'd better be trousers are getting tight!!!

  3. Spicy stuff always helps with a cold :)


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