Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween

Howdy folks :-)

Well we had a fantastic weekend, my bestie & goddaughter came to spend the weekend with us and Sunday we had a halloween party.  So needless to say LOADs of food consumed, no formal exercise executed and quite frankly I outdid myself in the desert department having TWO bowls of apple crumble ;-)  
My bootcamp buddy last week - ready for the chop.
All cut up and glowing :-)
Sunday was great, hubby started with lunch prep early which meant (wait for this..........) everything was ready on time without any stress and we could hang about chatting with guests rather than cooking.  I popped into the kitchen every now and again to unload and repack the dishwasher - the kids disappeared into the garden and were only to be seen for food or ice cream.  Much to our relief there was more than enough food for everyone.

Now, unfortunatly no pictures of hubbys PHENOMENAL wild boar sausage stew, but I do have plenty of the apple crumble.
Apples from our apple tree
Raisins soaking in warm dark rum
All sliced, soaked and ready to simmer for 5 minutes
Crumble mix
The finished product

Sundays menu was:
Breakfast: Hubbys scrambled eggs bacon & rye toast with coffee
Lunch: Hubbys wild boar sausage stew with fresh bread
Dessert: Apple crumble with cream/ice cream/custard or in my case ...... all 3!
HEAVEN in a bowl
Snacks: scattered throughout the day were crisps, nuts and a variety of junk ;-)
Drinks: only 1 glass of wine and then water

What's on the menu for today?
PreWorkOut: Fudge ball & espresso
Breakfast: rye toast with ham & poached egg with a cuppa coffee
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap with quorn meatballs & chopped tomato warmed up
Snacks: ChocaMocha porridge
Dinner: Left over stew & fresh corn bread

Exercise: Bootcamp - was nice and warm for a change and with clock changes on the weekend if was even light half way through the class .... its the small things that get me excited ;-)
Drinks: Coffee, rooibos tea & water

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Family and friends are important try not take them for granted.



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  2. OMG I want to reach through the screen and eat FIVE bowls of that apple crumble. That has to be one of my all-time favourite foods! I would *not* be able to lose weight with that around :D

    Yaay to a wee bit of bootcamp in the light!


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