Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Appreciating what you've got.

Well today is certainly one of those classic beautiful British wintery days - the sky is crisp blue and at last check it was 4*C outside, just the kind of day I LOVE and it makes me happy :-)

And because I'm happy here is a picture of me on GuyFawkes/Bonfire night test running the sparklers before the kids got hold of them.

Today I want to talk about workouts, exercise you know ..... "move more".  Well not so much talk about as ask questions about what works for you.
Do you fit a walk in when you can or do you make a time and stick to it?
Do you prefer the gym to going it alone?
Do you prefer exercise classes over machines or weights?
Do you prefer weights to cardio or a combination and if so how do you combine or structure your secessions?

For me, I've tried the gym and just can't seem to get in to it so I keep canceling & then I feel that I miss the opportunity to go swimming but can actually do that without being a member thanks to the local DC leisure centers (but needless to say I have yet to go!!).  So I opt for home workouts, things I can do myself so bootcamp, running/walking, DVD's, kettlebells, cycling etc.  I try to do a combination of things that I can mix up so I don't get bored and above all else it must be something I enjoy doing otherwise I'll give up too quickly.
I would *HEART* a personal trainer but at the moment cannot afford one but live in the eternal hope that someday I'll get me one of them ;-)

What's on the menu for today?

PreWorkOut: Fudgeball & espresso

Breakfast: Rye toast, ham and poached egg

Snack: Crispy Thins with Arla soft cream cheese (I am LOVING it)
Lunch: Wholemeal Pitta Pizza with ham
Snack: Chocolate porridge
Dinner: (as we have guests tonight) Pea soup with homemade soda bread to start and then Scallops with cep compote & chestnuts

Drinks: water and rooibos tea & appletizer / sparkling water

Wholemeal Pitta Pizza
(a spread of green pesto with sliced tomato, ham and grated Arla cheese under the grill after adding each layer)

Exercise Plan Update:
Monday: 30 Day Shred Level 1&2 - DONE
Tuesday: Week 6 Day 1 - DONE
Wednesday: 30 Day Shred Level 1&2 - DONE level 3 & foam Rolling =  OUCH'ies
Thursday: Week 6 Day 2
Friday: 30 Day Shred Level 1&2
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: Week 6 Day 3 .... not at 05:30 though :-P

Foam Rolling:
Hamstrings x 10 rolls
Calf (single legs) x 5 rolls each leg
Calf (double legs) x 10 rolls
Quads x 10 rolls
ITB x 5 rolls each leg
... and then I just lay on the foam roller down my spin to open up my chest - luuuuuurrrrrvly :-)

More from me:
Its not often I eeerrrrmmmmm "admire" myself but this morning I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window while I was doing my workout and I liked what I saw :-)
So, I'm thinking its probably a good thing to say at least one good thing about yourself each and every day, its not being vain its appreciating what you've got.  Write it down somewhere if you want or just acknowledge it consciously to yourself.