Friday, 8 October 2010

Stop dieting!

If you have been trying to diet all your life and failed each and every time then why not STOP DIETING and start eating healthy and exercising more?

We all "DIET"
..... then stop dieting
............. then put all the weight back on again.

And we do this again and again and again!!!!

WHY?????  What is wrong with us?????  I mean, would you thump your head against a brick wall repeatedly for several hours a day every day ....... eeeerrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm I hope not!   So why subject your body to repeated food deprivation and then gorging, its illogical and bad for your mind, bad for your body.

I really feel strongly about this as I have done it repeatedly for years myself.  I want to live the rest of my life healthy and fit (well fitter than slothing on the couch).  I don't want to be one of those people who can't do anything for themselves when they are older ..... active body & mind will keep my feeling younger in my latter years - of course I will have to get back to you on that one ;-)

I leave you with this picture to repeat after me ..........

Lecture over :-)

What's on the menu for today?
I'll jump straight to it:
Breakfast: Rye bread with tofutti and sweet chili chicken chunks with coffee
Snack: Chocolate porridge
Lunch: whole meal wrap with sweet chili chicken chunks, tomato, cucumber and mayola
Snack: undecided possibly vegetable mix left over
Dinner: Beef Chow Mein - Take away as hubby is out tonight and its kids "Football Friday" which means no time for cooking really

Drinks: water and rooibos tea

Exercise: Level 1 & 2 of 30 Day Shred - its a killer I tell you!

More for me:
I am really proud of how I've upped my exercise especially since this week was a NONE bootcamp week I have had to do all my exercise solo.  Its HARD I tell you, and I find it really easy to come up with loads of excuses on why not to exercise ........ know what, if I just suck it up and do it ..... its never that bad and I always feel great afterwards :-P

Have a great weekend folks, get out there and DO IT!



  1. Good motivational post :) I like that picture!!


  2. Thanks hun. I saw the pic on a WLR'ers profile and said I was nabbing it .... its just great :-)


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