Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Running *rolls eyes all squiffy*

What I've been up to today:
Well I managed to get up this morning ..... does that count????

What's on the menu for today?
I'm not even going to comment about the weather today you will be able to tell by my menu just how miZerable it is :-(  The poor puppies are going stir crazy being inside so much!!!!

Breakfast: Started the day with scrambled egg on rye toast with a cuppa coffee
Snack: a couple of dark chocolate oatcakes and a cuppa options hot chocolate nom-nom-nom
Lunch: prawn stirfry with rice noodles and carrots
Snack: bowl of porridge
Dinner: Tonight Matthew we will be eating Double Smoked Fish Cakes with PILES of veggies

Drinks: water and hot chocolate, nom-nom-nom
Exercise: I'm going for 30 Day Shred Level 1 AND 2 - heaven help me later!!!!!

More from me:
Running ...........

Yesterdays run/walk was all a bit touch and go as I couldn't let the pups out (due to man from next door clearing up his pile of branches from our field!!!!gggrrrrrr) but being the batgirl that I am  ...... I came up with a fantastic plan and moved puppy bed to "den like" quarters and could close the kitchen door and puppy gate on them and run like crazy .... hubby also helped in that he did all the running around for after school activities with the kiddies .... a big cheer for Craig

I haven't done it in a while (running that is ..... get your minds out the gutter ;-)) and I think that is contributing to my current enjoyment factor.  Had a great 32 minutes on the treaddie last night and I upped my running from 8.2km/hr (a slow & gentle foot shuffle) up to 9.0km/hr (a slightly faster foot shuffle).  I was puffed, managed a gasping "LATER ... IN A MINUTE" to eldest to the throne who wanted to know when I was going to be finished so he could get on and then blast the treaddie up to like 12km/hr and show me how it done ....... KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy *HUMP* day folks enjoy and remember ..... today - make the healthy choice today :-)