Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's all about ME!

I'm the first to put myself forwards for the procrastinator of the century award.  If there is the possibility of doing something else other than exercising ..... I'm there.  So how do you get around the issue of being too busy to exercise??  I know that work gets in the way, kids get in the way, etc etc but if these happen daily how do you still make time for exercise?

Its taken me ages to admit that if I don't get up early to exercise then there is the distinct possibility that I will not exercise at all during the day.  I also need to know I'm accountable to someone else otherwise the snooze button is TOOOOO easy.  So for me that means morning bootcamp.  Then I analysed my days with the kids and their after school activities and realised that during activities such as karate or football I'd sit and sloth and possibly even eat crisps, biscuits and drink cappuccinos - so now what I do is go dressed in my running kit and head out for half an hour to do my C25K program.

I've realised that I have to prioritise what and when I do things to make it as stress free for me to achieve my goals.  I'm lazy by nature and a night owl to-boot so I have had to compromise on late nights for early mornings and trying to utlise my time to maximise my health benefits.

At the end of the day it is all about ME and my health and my choice to be healthy.   WHAT WILL YOUR CHOICE BE?

What's on the menu today?
I am still totally loving my cornbread.  Had a toasted slice this morning with 2 scrambled eggs on top .... would have been sublime with a smear of butter but that would have been extravagant calorie wise and it was scrummy non-the-less :-)

I had a bit of a run in with my Kenwood KMixer last night.  I decided to "whip" up a batch of JAGs fudge balls and I'm afraid my mixer was beaten .... I had smoke emanating from the motor as the mix was so thick the blades were just not moving - thats gonna cost me if Kenwood won't replace or repair it :-(
I managed to make 25 of the little balls as they are soooo sweet and claggy I wouldn't be able to eat a bigger one - no I don't stuff the whole thing in at once :P  even nibbling it is a sweetness overload challenge - but it did the job as far as giving me what I needed to get through bootcamp this morning.

Snack: had 1 of the fudge balls before bootcamp this morning
Breakfast was as above
Lunch: leftover lamb saag warmed up with fresh tomato in a wholemeal wrap
Snack: chocolate porridge with flaxseed
Dinner: is going to be home made Chicken Chow Mein ala Ching-He Huang

More from me:

I was very pleased with my C25K training yesterday. I dropped jnr off at karate, watched for a while and then headed out and about  from his school and then back again.  I find one of the main benefits of having the C25K iPhone app means it tells you when you are half way so I just turn around and head back - beautiful :-).  It was chilly but I found I had good energy and possibly held off a little and may very well try to put more energy into it Thursday.  Its all been logged on the Garmin and it even said I got a top speed of 9.9km/hr ..... for a pootler like me that is speeding ticket territory!!

So I will leave you with thoughts on how you will personalise your day and commit to some YOU time and get healthy, remember its ALL ABOUT ME YOU!!!!!