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File 13 : More "About Me"

The Help Team at Weight Loss Resources dug this out of the  funny farm file 13 for me.  It was my success story a few years back (sadly unpublished).  So here it is for personal perusal and also to remind me I can do it!

Age: 37 years
Height: 168cm
Start Weight: 81kgs start with WLR
Goal Weight: 62kg
Rate of loss working to: 1kg per week
Current Weight: 68kg
Weight Lost: 13kg
Time Taken: 6 months

What diets (if any) have you tried in the past?
It feels like I’ve tried them all, I’m one of those “been there done that got the T-shirt” types of dieters.  I have tried the Gi diet, Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Herbalife, Blood Group diet, Cabbage Soup diet and Atkins to name a few.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?
I had a degree of success with most of them except Slimmers World – I took “eat as much as you like” to the absolute extreme!!!!  Mostly I would loose a bit of weight and then slack off and gain it back again.  I never seemed to find the right balance, not even with the Gi diet, which was the last one I started before WLR.  I was getting the principles of it right but taking ages to loose weight.

Tell us how your weight has affected your lifestyle/mood/stopped you doing things/other people’s reaction/perception to you etc?
I was never an overweight person until we moved to the UK and the famed “Heathrow injection” took hold.  The colder weather meant more hearty meals, pub grub & drinks and also increased portion sizes along with loads of snacks, crisps and biscuits to comfort and get me through the longer nights.  Then I had my two boys and tipped the scales at 86kgs a few moths after the birth of the second – I was not happy and my weight was seriously affecting most aspects of my life.  Moody … oh my word was I ever; I was constantly ratty and going out was a nightmare - because I was fat I never use to shop for clothes so that meant I never had anything to wear … you see the vicious circle developing here!  I would just slop about in my maternity clothes and think stuff it and eat more because I was so miserable.  The nice thing about friends is that they always compliment you when you loose a bit of weight but never bring up the topic if you’re looking “a little heavy” or, “a tad rounded” since they last saw you.  Unlike my family who most often don’t beat around the bush or mince their words … and lets face it that would always send me straight for the chocolate box or biscuit tin.

Tell us what is motivating you to want to lose weight?
Quite simply - my boys.  September last year my then 3 year old got far to close to the road without me next to him for my liking I got a real shock and realised my weight was the cause of it.  Now he doesn’t even try running away from me cos he KNOWS mommy will catch him.  Now I love the health benefits, feeling fitter and knowing I look better, most of all I love that I am setting an example for my boys on how to eat healthy and exercise.

How did you discover WLR?
Floating around the web I signed up for the free trial probably 2 odd years ago, never went any further but kept getting Pats info emails and then finally after my second child and my road scare incident, I decided to give it a go.

How is the site helping you? Give specifics of weight loss/change in eating patterns/benefits from advice/info, support from other members etc.
The first realisation was my portions sizes, without weighing and counting calories I had not realised how large my portion sizes were. In my first four weeks I lost 5.6kgs while still being over my weight loss calories each day, which just goes to prove exactly how huge my portions must have been in the first instance.  I also enter foods in my diary I’m thinking of having before consuming and I tell you it really gets you thinking about your food choices.  A hot cross bun without butter for about 250 calories OR 2 slices of wholemeal toast, slice of ham and poached egg instead??????  Hhhhmmmmm now let me think!!!!  I love the control I now have with what I eat and why I eat it, all thanks to the food database and diary ☺
The site is fantastic with the reports and statistics it can generate from weight loss progress to nutritional breakdown, thrown in for good measure are a few graphs and it all adds up to a fantastic way to assess your progress, which I do weekly.  There really is not that much you have to do besides put in what you eat, that food database does the rest.  I have a favourites list so I don’t need to go searching every time for things I use regularly and I have built up recipes for regular meals I have – its brilliant, I put in the meal for the whole family and how many portions … guess what – yip, it gives you the calories for your portion, I love it!

Are there particular areas of the site you solely use or mostly use – only the food diary/always look at message boards for support etc?
I try to keep up that food diary on even the worst of food days – I am human like most and there are some days when even I am too embarrassed to fill out my diary, even though I am the only one who can see it (it has just been Eater after all!!!).  When this happens I never see this as a total disaster but get back on the scales, assess the damage and do what I like to call “damage control” for me that means none of my trigger foods allowed AT ALL!!! So, no chocolate, crisps or white bread whatsoever; I also stick to calories 100% and put more effort into exercise.

I also could not do without the message boards.  My family lost me for a few weeks when I first joined I was so all consumed with the message boards, it was great – all the information, support and advice I gained was invaluable.  I still use the boards but have settled into a more relaxed routine with them.  I use the Fitness and Exercise board daily – there is so much support and motivation to stick to exercise it’s fantastic, as well as loads of advice and information.  I now visit the other message boards to read messages and glean what I can from them – I mean the Bride & Groom 2 Be board is great, you get to read all sorts of fun things about wedding arrangements see pictures of dresses and shoes etc – its brilliant.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with others re: how to get the most from the site or how it has helped your eating patterns etc??
Do your food diary daily – a total MUST for me
Weigh & measure everything – you’d be surprised at how good the eye gets at OVER estimating
Try some exercise – walking is totally underestimated
Have a challenge or end goal in sight but never forget to have mini goals in-between and treat yourself for achieving them – I used massages, new hairdo’s and the like as treats
Be true to yourself, be honest about what you are eating and how much activity you do in a day, the only person you are cheating is yourself if you don’t

Do you want to include anything else that you feel is relevant and supportive?
It’s not a miracle and its not easy it’s just plain and simple math, calories in less calories expended!

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