Friday, 1 October 2010

Emotional eating & then some:

Emotional eating is a toughie but a good way to monitor it is to try keep tabs on how you feel when you have the need to overeat in a journal (remember ..... I fill in a food diary so why not emotional diary to compliment!!!!!!).  I use it so I can also go back and check if there is a pattern.  For instance its getting colder and the days are getting shorter - could be just one of the few things that may be affecting food choices.  

Just to prove how miserable it is here!!!

Another thing I notice is that when I'm not logging food or emotions and/or not exercising ...... nothing edible is safe!!! 

When logging, to be honest, everything I eat is a conscious decision even on the "oh stuff it" days. Thing is I think it will be like that for me for the rest of my life to be honest. As much as I think of it as a new healthy lifestyle, I think of it in possibly the same way as a recovering alcoholic may look at their new healthy lifestyle. I say this because while some people turn to drink in times of emotion, stress, hardship etc well, I turn to food!

This link popped up again on the WLR site this week and I must say it does make for fascinating reading and fits in very nicely with the emotional eating topic.  I mean have you ever considered that it might not all be YOUR fault your are over weight or eat too much of certain foods?????   Not me, I just though I was a glutton!

An excerpt:
***His resulting theory, described in his new book, "The End of Overeating," is startling. Foods high in fat, salt and sugar alter the brain's chemistry in ways that compel people to overeat. "Much of the scientific research around overeating has been physiology -- what's going on in our body," he said. "The real question is what's going on in our brain."   
David Kessler***

I have ordered his book as I feel this warrants further reading.  Just to warn you, I am a slow reader and I still have a book to finish before reading this one so please don’t hold your breath while waiting.

More Me :P

Well I've been thinking about this whole marathon thing and well to be honest yes I am TOTALLY relieved that I did not get a place for 2011 but it has made me realise that if I am ever going to be serious about running a marathon then I really do need to stop faffing about and start getting my running fitness up.  So as next week is my week off bootcamp I will be dipping my toes back into the world of running (or walk run to start) and I'm also going to give the 30 Day Shred DVD a whirl.

Hopefully I will have tails of fantasticness and not woeful injuries ..... heeeeeerrrrrr I go!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  See you all Monday :-)