Thursday, 21 October 2010

Eat When Hungry ...... AGAIN

YEIKS it was -1degC this morning for the school run ...... SOOOOO pleased it wasn't a bootcamp morning.

OK so I know I've talked about this before but I was prompted into thinking further about "eating when hungry" by a post on WLR.  So I googled around a bit and found the following pretty pictures.

I'm a list maker so its probably why I like the visual scales.  and I can honestly say that these days I do try to eat when I am hungry and not "just because".  I still however need to learn to slow down when I'm REALLY hungry (a 2 on the scales) so as not to over eat, I feel if I can slow down I can let my stomach have time to transfer any "fulling up" signals back to my brain.

So, how do you deal with hunger??
Do you eat when presented with something nice, or do you have a passion for food and consume all, hungry or not.  I remember a friend saying once "if you don't have a passion for food you don't have a passion for life" ..... my question is can you not have both?  Can I not have a passion for food and cooking and baking but control when and how much I consume so I CAN still have a passion for life and be fit enough and healthy enough to fulfill my passion for life???? ..... well, I'm certainly going to try thats for sure :-)

I also found a description of hunger, appetite and fulness in my google search

Hunger is discomfort, pain or weakness caused by a need
for food. It is a physical sensation in the stomach caused by
changes in certain body chemicals. Hunger can range from
mild, meaning you could eat but it is easy to put it off, to so
strong that you are desperate to eat.
Appetite is a desire or craving for food in general or some
specific food. This craving or desire can happen even when 
we are not hungry.
Fullness, like hunger is connected to a physical sense. It
means the stomach has been filled and hunger is gone. Also
like hunger, there are different levels of fullness.

What's on the menu for today?
Breakfast: ChocaMocha porridge (basically porridge with options ChocaMocha in it - VERY yum) and a cuppa cawfeee
Lunch: Thinking of scrambled eggs & beans on rye toast
Snack: A door-stop size slice of courgette loaf & coffee
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast sliced on top of Craig's braised lentils with rosemary & garlic (he's a special man my Craig)

Drinks: water & rooibos tea
Exercise: week 6 day 2 of couch to 5km (C25K)

More from me:
OK so I'm generally feeling good, think I'm handling food and eating properly.  I am happy with my exercise routine at the moment and have upped it to include the running training program, so my week looks like this at the moment:

Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: Run/Walk program
Wednesday: Bootcamp
Thursday: Run/Walk program
Friday: Bootcamp
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Run/Walk program

I am contemplating adding in a yoga DVD every now an again on run days as an extra and I also need to start kettlebells again soonish - I'm missing the strength element in my week.

Looking forwards to that Friday Feeling tomorrow.

Lara's goals for the next 6 months:
1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on - comfortably!!!
2. I really, really want to go skiing in April next year - target=earn the money
3. Be at a healthy BMI by mid January 2011