Monday, 25 October 2010

Bootcamp Freeze

Well after Fridays post I managed to finish off the courgette loaf helped by my ever keen hubby .... thanks hun know you did it coz you love me ;-)  And so today I can forge ahead with the knowledge its not in the kitchen taunting me.  I will deal with todays sugar withdrawal like a big-girls-blouse but only because I KNOW I deserve it.

Had a great weekend.  Kiddies party on Saturday saw me being not too restrained with the cupcakes (adding to todays sugar withdrawal), but I did stay away from any booze and soda's and stuck with fizzy water - YAY me ;-).  Sunday was a chilled affair with our usual breakfast run to Cote ( ..... and by run do think I actually ran there???!!!! Silly you if you did mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa), then in to Sainsbury's to buy dinner stuff then home to the couch and wait to be served roast lamb by hubby - oh but wait I did also manage to throw in 45 minutes of yoga and day 3 of week 6 of C25K so performed fantastic damage control.

Monday morning evidence of "Bootcamp Freeze" being performed this morning:
The BBC weather report is indicating it will be warmer for the rest of the week ..... here's hoping.

And a round up of last weeks exercise spreadsheet:

What's on todays menu?
PreWorkOut: fudge ball & espresso
Breakfast: Rye toast, ham, fried egg & cuppa coffee
Lunch: probably tuna salad & mayola wholemeal wrap
Snack: Porridge - going to try adding cocoa & a sprinkle of coffee instead of options hot chocolate
Dinner:  not decided yet, hubby's grumpy so reading the news (like thats gonna help get dinner on the table tonight ;-))

Drinks: water & rooibos tea

More from me:
I was channel hopping Sunday (part of my couch time) and noticed they were televising the Great South Run so watched a bit of it ...... never noticed it being on telly before, it looked like an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day with no wind, rain or any other nasties that normally plague that run.  Makes me think  I should enter for next year, apparently entries are open already
*wonders off to go google GSR* ..... I'll be back with the link ..........

eeeerrrrrmmmmm yip its true its open

Have a fantastic frost free Monday if you can.

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  1. Woot, congrats on the entry! As for the sugar withdrawals, I think if you've been hitting it hard, then it can be tough when you first pull back. But in my experience, sugar doesn't *have* to lead to cravings and overeating. So allow yourself a bit of fruit loaf now and then eh. Life is a poor man's version without things like that.. :-)


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