Friday, 29 October 2010

Body says NO!

..... said in your best Little Britain voice ;-)

Well this week has been interesting to say the least.  For some reason my body has been very tired and I have had to take it easy with exercise.  So my weekly exercise schedule went like this
Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: C25K Week 7 Day 1 cancelled
Wednesday: Bootcamp
Thursday: C25K Week 7 Day 2 cancelled
Friday: Bootcamp

Now as much as I beat myself up about skipping Tuesdays secession I thought maybe I'd do it Wednesday (on top of bootcamp) but then had a conversation with myself about the fact that my body was tired and I was tired and if I went and tried to do double in one day I'd really run my body down.  Thursday came and went as well thanks to a few stress inducing incidents, the first one was planned and involved my Bella puppy going in to be spayed and another more impromptu incident involving my eldest and a zipper saw us at A&E for an hour or so.

I will try get out to do a run/walk this weekend but am not promising myself anything, I will see how my body feels.
Something to try get me motivated :-)

So with all the missed exercise its also meant that I've eaten more than I should in the way of going over weight loss calories so I've also had shall I call it an impromptu maintenance week which lets face it is WAAAAAY better than a "lets fling our hands in the air and go OH FECK IT" and eat everything in sight!!!

What's on the menu for today?
PreWorkOut: Fudge ball & espresso
Breakfast: rye toast with ham & poached egg with a cuppa coffee
Lunch: Tuna salad wholemeal wrap
Snacks: Nairns berry oatcakes, hot chocolate (Options) or ChocaMocha porridge
Dinner: something to warm the cockles of my heart .... & tummy :-)  so Butternut and sage risotto

More from me:
The main lessons I have learnt form this week are:
1. listen to your body - its the only one you've got, look after it
2. having a maintenance week is not a big deal

Have a great halloween weekend everyone, don't forget the clocks go back Saturday night, and I'll see you all Monday :-)