Monday, 4 October 2010

Beware the Nuts!

Wow Monday seems to roll around faster and faster .... even the kids were complaining it was Monday again ..... ALREADY!  This weekend was a real sloth weekend with WAY too much food being consumed which meant I went over maintenance calories for the 2 days, annoying but its those darn nuts that keep sneaking up on me!!!!  So here is a little "nut education" section - more to remind myself than anything!

Peanuts, Original, Salted, KP Snacks - 100g = 590.0 calories ......... that would be about 2 x palm fulls
Pecan Nuts, Average - 3 Nuts/18g = 124.7 calories ..... eeerrrrrmmmm THREE Nuts = 125 calories!!!!!
Almonds, Whole, Average - 20g = 122.3 calories ..... thats about FIVE nuts .......... FIVE nuts, thats not enough to even fill a corner really!

I think I should develop a nut allergy and QUICK!

What's on the menu for today?
Breakfast: warming bowl of porridge with 1/2 sachet options and a tsp of flaxseed with cuppa soya coffee.  I need to go back to a full sachet of options, half just colours the porridge really!)
Snack: oatcakes & tofutti (I'm HUNGRY today!!! ) 
Lunch: scrambled eggs either on rye toast or in a wrap with tomato
Snacks: Toasted rye bread with a smear of butter & an apple
Dinner: Lamb meatball & pea pilaf (extra peas on the side to up my F&V)

Drinking: water and rooibos tea for the rest of the day
Exercise: Level 1 of 30 day Shred ..... now THAT got my attention !!!!!!!!!!!!  Do not be fooled by the "its only 20 minutes" ...... its harder than it looks but does what it says on the package - it works you HARD!

Days feelings:
I'm a bit mixed today, I know I'm on the right track even though food yesterday was a disaster and I was naughty to not log it and to try do it now would only be a lie as I'd forget most of it and then think "ooooh that wasn't toooo bad" and wonder why I gained at my next weigh-in.  I'm not in denial but I don't think I have totally accepted the damage I did.

More from me:
Since being denied a VLM ballot place I have been thinking about this whole taking running seriously thing a bit more.  SO I am contemplating entering the Hastings Half Marathon in March 2011

So, on that point yesterdays exercise deserves a mention here as well.  
Yesterday saw me on the treaddie doing week 4 day 1 of the C25K programme. I've somehow managed to go from week 1 straight to week 4 ... no complaints but it was the 1st in a while so will see how tomorrows run/walk goes.  I think I may have to entertain the thought of some foam rolling later, preventative rather than remedial you understand!