Wednesday, 20 October 2010

3degC and Dark

Meatless Monday???? have a good ring to it ?????  I read this on someone's blog the other day (sorry can't remember who's though but thank you).

Now, after hubby did an unintentional veggie meal the other day and although he still swears it would be better with lamb mince, I think having at least one veggie dinner a week sounds like a great idea.  I've tried surreptitiously to introduce this in our household but think I need to go all official on his a$$.  Now just to figure out how to tell him.

What's on the menu today?
Snack: Fudge ball & espresso
I'm really getting into these fudge ball things, and broken KMix aside, I think once they run out that I will make more.
Breakfast: Rye toast, ham & poached egg with soya milk coffee
My new egg poacher thing is, well OK I suppose.  Its still a hell of a faff to get an egg done but I'm working on the "its healthier for you" mindset at the moment to see if I can keep it up.  Craig didn't want to traditional egg poacher Pods you can get as he eeeerrrrrmmmmmm "wants to keep it real"
Sorry about the dirty pan & poacher - residue egg from cooking and nothing cleaned up yet
Poaching Pods
Lunch: Tuna mayola salad wrap with 2 dark chocolate oat biscuits & a cuppa rooibos tea
Snacks: Pear; Chocolate porridge with flaxseed
Dinner: leftover Greek lamb & orzo ......... it was THAT good :-)  and there would not have been any leftoveres if I wasn't counting calories - comes in at about 750 cals per portion!!!!!

More from me:
Yesterdays walk/run went very well and I really enjoyed it. First few minutes are still "tough", but I was amazed at how "springy" my legs felt after Sundays secession. Yesterday was back to 5J/3W/8J/3W/5J from the 20min jog on Sunday ...... these plans work and are structured the way they are for a reason - I see that now.  

Done bootcamp this morning, and again it was 3 degrees Celsius and dark ...... don't need any more motivation than that to keep moving for 45 minutes.

Lara's goals for the next 6 months:
1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on - comfortably!!!
2. I really, really want to go skiing in April next year - target=earn the money
3. Be at a healthy BMI by mid January 2011