Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Small world

"The world all feels much nicer at dawn somehow, before the people have got up and spoiled it."
.... I really like that :-) and thanks to having to get up before 6am every morning find it to be SO true.

What's on the menu for today?
Breakfast: toasted rye bread, ham & a fried egg washed down with  cuppa coffee
Lunch: Bean pate & tofutti cream cheese with oatcakes
Snacks: Porridge with seeds & blueberries
Dinner: Red lentil, chickpea and chili soup - I am going to attempt to bake a wheat free, yeast free bread - watch this space!
Drinks: going to try drink rooibos or oolong tea for the rest of the day
Exercise: bootcamp already done and dusted

Bootcamp this morning was a toughie with fat burning from beginning to end.  I was late as it is but at least caught the end of the warm up.  We were then lulled into a false sense of security by being told we were "ONLY" doing 4 exercises!!!!!!!!!!!!  
30sec bear crawl
30sec rest
30sec step up
30sec rest
30sec burpies
30sec rest
30sec running on the spot
X 4 sets followed by core work with planks, press ups, back bridges and oh wait, some running in-between just to keep your heart rate up ........ that Ben is goooooood at deception me thinks.

Days feelings:
Well today I have been INCREDIBLY hungry, I could eat nonstop and its difficult not to.  Slow day with the markets as well, everything sliding sideways or not giving entries.  Lunch was rather unexciting to say the least and I ate it as close to midday as humanly possible to try stave off hunger.  I have also snuck in a 2 pack of dark chocolate oatcakes in-between breakkie & lunch AS WELL AS so already over calories for the day - HARUMPFF!  Hopefully I can keep my hands busy enough making bread this afternoon but I think I will be polishing off a bowl of porridge as planned straight after the school run - oh but that would be in between showing Jared how to rollerblade - YEIKS!

Its a beautifully warm autumn day today but I think my body is anticipating winter blues already, some say that being forewarned is to be forearmed ..... I do hope so!

OH OH OH before I go ....... I have just discovered that the personal trainer from the British version of The Biggest Looser lives in my town (a few hundred meters away from us actually) .... her kid went to karate with mine - I used to look at her squiffy 'cos she look familiar but I couldn't for the life of me remember from where ..... now I know but can't approach her to say "sorry for looking at you squiffy but I never knew who you were and how much do your personal training secessions cost for kettlebells?"

ta-ta lovlies and thank you for reading :-)