Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What today holds for me ....

Todays menu looks like this:
Breakfast: Rye toast, ham & scrambled egg with a mug of soya milk coffee
Lunch: Chili prawns and brown rice noodles
Dinner: Prawn Paella - see yummy picture below
Snacks: Blueberries & dark chocolate oatcakes ..... I'm braving not having porridge as a mid afternoon snack before kettlebells, hope I hold out :-)
Drinks: Rooibos tea
Exercise: Kettlebells in the park

Most of my recipes I get from BBC Good Food web site (see the link under  "Sites I Find Interesting").

Last weeks kettlebell class I upped from alternating an 8kg bell and a 12kg bell for various exercises to a 10kg bell for everything, I think this was a mistake as my trapezius was seriously sore the next few days.  All good now though and ready for another secession.