Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weighing In .....

 ..... What is your plan, do you have one????

Do you weigh daily, weekly or monthly????  How do you deal with the weight reading (good or bad)??
Do you measure yourself??? How often do you measure yourself???

I guess there are benefits and pitfalls to any method you choose, and I quote "I weigh every day. And that way I have been able to understand how my body reacts on certain type of food" .... is this you?

I have never been a daily weigher, emotionally I could not handle the daily fluctuations, I mean I can weigh myself, go to the loo for a number two and weigh myself again and I'll have put on 500g ... so much for "a pound being a good trip to the loo" - totally opposite for me!  And its for these reasons that I choose not to weigh daily.  I used to weigh weekly when trying to loose weight but when I was younger, carefree and slim I never weighed myself at all ....  well not that I can remember anyway!  Nowadays I prefer to weigh and measure myself once every 4 weeks, yes I do  hop on the scale occasionally just to make sure I'm still going in the right direction but I don't record them.  I find when I don't loose weight its because my body is changing shape but I do loose centimeters.

Over the past 6 weeks I have had a general stay the same for 4 weeks (I lost about 300g) but over the past 3 weeks (there has been a mini WLR challenge so yes I HAVE been weighing weekly), I lost 800g-stayed the same-lost 800g, so things are starting to kick start themselves again slowly as I am being more assertive with eating within calories and keeping up the exercise.

In order to help me do this I try:
- Make healthier, cleaner food choices (oatcakes rather than chocolate digestives as an example)
- Log all foods & drinks that pass my lips into my food diary
- Continue with bootcamp & introduce at least 1 more day of exercise per week

- Continue to avoid wheat, yeast, sugar & dairy
- Eat when hungry 
- Chew consciously and
- Stop eating when full

Thank you for reading, please feel free to add any suggestions, ideas or experiences in the comments section.

More from me: well bar not sitting at the table to eat dinner I'm doing rather well.  Weigh in the other day presented with an 800g/1.7lb loss which I was really pleased with and it seems to have spurred me on just that little bit further, especially since its getting colder.

It's wet and miserable here in West Sussex today and I'm trying to gather together comfort food and add it all to the diary otherwise I may just land up attacking the biscuit bin and we do NOT want that now do we!!!!   I've already had my first bowl of porridge for the day, I enjoyed it with some flaxseed and a tsp of Manuka honey ...... nom-nom-nom.  

I had my last secession of kettlebells last night, I think I got what I needed out of them, that mainly being having a go at the snatch and the Turkish getup, and YES ..... they ARE as difficult as they look.  and YES ..... you can bruise yourself big time if you don't have correct form or technique - thats why I was so pleased to get to do them with someone trained to watch.

Now for a rest day tomorrow aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :-)