Monday, 27 September 2010

Realise you are special

I want to start the week off with this little excerpt from a forum post on WLR.  I found it particularly poignant and as I have sat on both sides of the fence and feel I know what each feels like and it fits in PERFECTLY with my Eat Less Move More lifestyle motto.

Original post
Anyone else have this response?
I'm getting lots of compliments at school about my weight loss, not having seen me over the summer holidays the difference is noticeable! After 'Have you lost weight?' the next question is often 'How are you doing it? which I always answer with 'Counting calories and exercise!'

The number of crestfallen faces I've seen - I think they're hoping I can let them into some mystical secret that makes losing weight easy...............
By: Essdee

Response to original post:
Ah but you've got to realise you are special - calorie counting and exercise wouldn't work for them, they've got slow metabolisms, and they've tried loads of times and never lose anything, and they only have to look at a lettuce leaf and put on half a stone and you are so lucky to have time for exercise because they couldn't possibly fit it in what with having to watch Come Dine With Me and Strictly and didn't you know anway that exercise doesn't make you thin and if they try to so much as lift a can of beans they will bulk up like Mohammed Ali and they'd love to try running but it's their knees you know and they will try cycling one day, honestly they've been on and on at OH to fix that old bike in the garage but he never does anything and I've been nagging him for ages and are you coming down to Starbucks for coffee and cake.....
By: RachaelAnnoyedwithID

So folks ...... PLEASE, please do not fall into the excuse category, it really is a simple equation of Eat Less and Move More.

"Easier said than done" I hear you all yelling at me ;-)  But you don't have to go big and start exercising everyday for an hour or starving yourself and only eat lettuce leaves and carrot sticks (in fact please DO NOT do this but thats for another post - possibly tomorrow).  Set yourself one small target each day.  It could be to walk for 15 minutes, walk up and down the stairs a few times, run around the garden with the dogs for a bit or get out the old exercise DVD or go the whole hog and push yourself at gym or during your run.  From a food perspective, say no to that donut or biscuit, serve up just one spoon less for dinner or try not nibbling off the kids plates ...... but what ever you do, do something!!

For me today I am starting out a little slower that I had originally planned.  In that I have dropped my expected weight loss form 1kg a week to 500g a week.  The weather is getting colder and I am starting to feel that little bit hungrier as a result.  I feel quite pleased with myself in that I have managed to identify and solve a potential problem .... that of eating too much, not loosing what I expected and hence avoiding the disappointment associated with it and the following emotional pig-out that would generally ensue.

So Today I will mostly be eating ......
Breakfast: Ham, Eggs, Scrambled on Rye Bread, Coffee with Soya
Lunch: Left over Stew
Dinner: Beef bourguignon - a first time experiment for us (see link below)
Snacks: dark chocolate oatcakes and an options hot choc with a splash of soya milk
Drinks: Rooibos tea and Water ... I always drink at least 2Ls a day but never record it .... 
Exercise: bootcamp – done.  11C outside at 05:30 when I got up to go to bootcamp. Great workout with lots of running this morning - just to wake me up I think.

Calorie Summary
Daily Cal Quota: 1708
+ Exercise Cals: 218
Total Cal Quota: 1926
Calories Consumed: 1626
Calories Left: 301
Cals to Maintain Weight: 2208

Have a great day everyone.