Saturday, 25 September 2010

I found it!!!

Well I finally found the picture, it has hung around in our various kitchens from home to home for the past 10 odd years attached to some form of board or in some type of picture holder and what happens when I look for it ..... GONE!  Well not gone-gone as I did remember thinking that this was a really special picture and that I'd better "put it in a safe place so it doesn't get lost or damaged any further" .... you've done it before too right ;-) !!!!!!!!

And here I am, at Durban Airport March 1999, ready to fly to Johannesburg onto Heathrow for our new adventure.  I honestly CANNOT believe I felt fat back then!  If I could turn back time I would flash back and tell my old self that she looked great and to feel great and that the future will be great too - and not to stress about it.

Next weeks topic ***Chew Consciously***

Have a great weekend folks.