Thursday, 23 September 2010

EAT WHEN HUNGRY ..........

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Well it sounds so simple doesn't it but in reality, my reality, it proves to be quite the challenge indeed.  What I did notice when I first started to do something serious about my weight gain was that I could not remember being hungry.  I tried really hard to think of days where I had been hungry before I ate and could only scrape up about 2 or 3 examples and those were all due to circumstances out of my control (tube delays and then waiting ages for a meal in a restaurant, being stuck on the M25 etc).  So basically what I discovered I was doing was that I was eating "in case" I got hungry.

When Craig and I first moved to England it was great, everything was new and exciting and we were dashing around form place to place, running for trains and tubes, I even consciously remember saying "how on earth can anyone in London be fat" you have to run around everywhere and haul yourself in and out of tube stations, chase busses and life was great.  Then the first winter set in and the running around slowed down a bit, we stayed at home a bit more and bought loads of cheap sauces to cover our food with.  We started having snacks while waiting for dinner to cook, we thought nothing of smacking a large bag of crisps accompanied with dips; and we almost always had dessert.  Food became our comfort.  I felt it kept me warm on cold days and made me a little happier when I missed home, we socialised a lot with dinner parties (home and out at others) so being with friends it meant being happy and loved and comfortable.  This went on for years.  Craig and I did dabble with jogging once but then someone walking home from work passed us and I think that kinda dented our enthusiasm for a few more years; I tried the treadmill then did something to my lower back and that put me out for a while, then I got pregnant for the first time ........ all the while eating just in case I got hungry! 

The weight crept on slowly as it does under these circumstances, I tried on new clothes and was shocked that I had to go up a few sizes because the sizing in England was clearly different to that of South Africa, NOT because I had put any weight on.  If I recall I landed at Heathrow weighing in at about 62/63kgs (I'll dig out a picture of the day we left South Africa and post it here) and before I knew it I was fighting to get  rid of baby weight which was going nowhere.  I tried Herbalife (again), weight watches (again), slimming world - I mean, eat as much as you like of either protein or carbs in a day equaled HEAVEN in my books, I never needed to be hungry ever again!  And I wasn't, but I also didn't loose any weight!  Then I found Weight Los Resources and at some point I also read Paul McKennas book and I realised that I HAD to do something and eating only when I was hungry was a big thing for me (still is to tell the truth).  It was a revelation letting myself actually get hungry.  Then I fell pregnant with number 2 and the wheels fell off again.

EAT WHEN HUNGRY ..... so after baby number 2 and armed with this revelation I forged ahead, counting calories with WLR and walking, training for the WalkTheWalk MoonWalk.  To be honest with you I was a person possessed with loosing weight and training for the marathon, but it worked.  I got down from about 86kgs to 68kgs over the space of a year and I promised myself I would NEVER let myself get back to that weight again ..... never ever.  But what did I do!  Yip, you guessed it, after the MoonWalk was over my motivation went and the weight came back.  Now apparently this is classic post marathon behaviour but I never knew this nor did I know how to prevent it or stop it and quite frankly I thought that I could survive without my food diary as now I knew how much 30grams of cheese looked like .... didn't I?????? and I tried running instead of walking but kept getting injuries which meant I wasn't exercising as much ......... and that viscous circle started up again and before I could bat an eyelid I was looking down at scale readings of lower 80 kilogram readings again - I was very upset with myself for letting it happen.

So in June of this year I started getting serious again.  And this is what I do to try keep myself on track:
I keep a food diary with Weight Loss Resources
I exercise doing things I enjoy and keep it varied

I hope my story helps others to identify why they eat, is it motivated by hunger (in which case - eat) or is it driven by emotion or comfort or fear or anger or or or ..... or something else that needs to be addressed before the food issue can be successfully taken care of.
Exercise should be fun, not a pain to do.
It needs to become a lifestyle, a healthy life style in order to loose weight and to keep it off ..... I'm going to say this once:

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX, you cannot carry on eating more than your maintenance calories, do no exercise and expect to stay the same weight it is just physically impossible, your body WILL store extra calories at fat.

The answer is simple EAT LESS MOVE MORE!

Have a good day everyone :-)