Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Chew consciously

OK, so who's thought about this??????  Have you got any thoughts on it yet????

"well yeah" I hear you all thinking .... " you have to chew consciously so you don't choke surely???"

eeeerrrrrrrmmmmmmm well no, not really!  Have you ever sat down with a large chocolate or bag of crisps or popcorn and then when you look down you get all surprised and think "now where did they all go????" .... and you even look around to see if there is anyone else in the room who may have helped you out and eaten half for you?????!!!!!!!!

No, what I mean about "chewing consciously" is that you
a) Avoid distraction while eating, so don't sit in front of the telly or computer while you eat, sit at the dining room table if possible
b) Put your knife & fork down in between each mouth full
c) Slow your eating down - chew each mouthful of food about 20 times
d) feel and taste what is in your mouth, I mean really feel the texture and taste the different flavours in each mouthful

I hope you can take these ideas and use them as a base for building on.  I know I am constantly learning and trying to get it right.

PS: Beef bourguignon was fabulous last night.  2 unfortunates though:
1.  I sat in front of the telly and wolfed it down as I was so hungry ..... I blame the Sensei at karate for running over time
2.  My portion size was a little more than it should have been ........... I blame Craig - he dished up ;-)
Just wanted to let you know the recipe is worth trying and that YES, I am still learning and there will be set backs.  The lesson for me in this is not to take it tooo seriously but to try and avoid it happening again.

I'm a tad undecided today about food but have managed to come up with a sketchy plan:
Breakfast: Rye toast, ham & fried egg with soya coffee
Snacks: dark chocolate oatcakes
Lunch: left over stew 
Snacks: porridge with seeds & flaxseed
Dinner: Jamie Olivers risotto with roasted squash & chestnuts

Drinking loads of water and herbal teas as well during the day

I have the last of my kettlebell bootcamp secessions this evening - hoping to fine-tune the snatch .... didn't do nearly enough of it last week.

Have a fabulous day everyone.