Tuesday, 21 September 2010

About Me: My History

I joined Weight Loss Resources (WLR) in October of 2006 - it seems like an eon ago but it is now part of my life and I have learnt that I cannot "guesstimate" how much I am eating ..... THAT method got me back to my start weight.  I was very successful in getting to within 3kgs of my goal weight through keeping a food diary and counting the calories I ate each day.  My exercise was walking ...... LOTS of walking!  I did the 2007 Moonwalk Marathon and trained hard for it.  The Moonwalk itself was fantastic and I finished 26.1 miles in 7 hours 25 minutes.  I was elated, hubby and my eldest (about 3yrs old at that point) were there to meet me at the end and pile me into the car afterwards and then scrape me out once we got home.  The Moonwalk was not a solo journey, I did it with a very good friend.  However!!!!!!!!.......we did not train together nor did we actually walk it together but I think that just knowing we were both out there was comfort enough - we like our own thoughts and to do things our own way at our own pace.  I do regret not doing it together - I think it would be great fun but we each had our own goal and I was waaaaaay to serious about the whole thing.

After the marathon things started to dribble, I thought I could eat what I wanted and gauge how much I was eating by eye-balling the quantities.  Exercise went out the window as I no longer had a goal to train for and I kept getting injuries as I tried to start running, working got in the way, not working got in the way, kids got in the way, family got in the way .......... EVERYTHING got in the way and I found myself having got from 86kg down to 68kgs AAAAAAAALLLLLL the way bak up to 83kgs - I was GUTTED to say the least.

I posted this on my WLR profile to try get myself some focus:
09 Aug and I turned 40, a new decade and a new vigor in me. At the moment I am quite possibly a walking candidate for a heart attack - weight well over healthy, carrying it mostly round my middle and high BP to boot. But I am walking, and I have the means & ability to eat healthy, so here is my plan and I think its relatively simple:
1. Eat when hungry
2. Chew consciously
3. Stop when I am full
4. Drink more water
5. Keep tabs by logging it in my food diary

As you may tell I'm a bit of a Paul McKenna fan.  I have read his book (possibly worth a reread in fact) and to be totally honest, I think he just makes sense.
So since the 1st of June 2010 I have been back to completing a food diary daily and exercising.  As someone who has experienced MANY diets I had a few false starts but seem to have found a rhythm in the past few months.  

I started by canceling my gym membership. NUTS I hear you yelling, but let me explain.  I never went, and if I did it was to take the kids swimming, or rather splashing, then it would be coffee and muffins afterwards ..... it didn't make sense!  So I looked back to see how I motivated myself to exercise and discovered that my greatest motivation came from non-gym related exercise.  I'm talking Moonwalk training, running, doing home DVDs etc etc.  
This time round however DVDs were not doing it for me but a run/walk training program seemed to get me kick started and then I discovered kettlebells shortly followed by bootcamp and boxing.


So what have I learnt about myself over the past 4 years of my life?
I have discovered that not only do I have to log a food diary but that I need to keep my exercise varies to keep me interested.